Exodus from the Eyes of an Egyptian Nobleman


Exodus from the Eyes of an Egyptian Nobleman


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Pesach in Egypt

By Dan Maymin

We are the nobles; slaves are among us,
We torture them; we don't have to fuss,
They are our workers, nothing can happen,
They can't rule us, 'cause we are the nobles.

I feel so good torturing the Jews,
I'm whipping them, 'cause their workers, they don' really care,
I might be wrong, I'll never know,
For I am a noble, not a silly Jew.

I feel so sad for them, the Jews,
But I cannot show my sorrow to them,
I know I've been bad to my King,
But he cannot know my feelings.

I listen everyday, to the Jews, how they pray,
It gives me sorrow and some faith,
I just ignore it; I never know what it means,
But I should care, for I am a noble, not a silly Jew.

Something has changed in this rotten place, (Egypt)
I cannot drink or swim 'cause everything is red,
Everything looks gory; I am about to chant,
I want the Jews dead; I want the Jews dead.

There are more plagues arriving this awful town,
I can't sleep in bed; frogs are in my head,
They are everywhere,
In the dirt, on the ground, and in my house.

I cannot move, I'm really sick,
I've got lice in my hair,
My head itches like a baboon,
But I feel guilty unlike the baboon.
This is disgusting; wild beasts everywhere,
If I move I will die from their hunger,
My brother is lost, where could he be?
He might've been eaten by a wild beast.

This plague was harsh,
Everyone had diseases, that couldn't be cured,
All the doctors quit,
If I could control this mishap, I would let the Jews go.

When will this end, I had enough of it,
My hands are so numb from the pain,
I can't stand it anymore,
All of these boils are killing me.

I am so confused; this weather is so strange,
Very particular indeed, there's water from the sky
And fire from the ground, why am I punished?
For I am a noble, not a silly Jew.

Locusts are all over, when I try to sleep,
I am so annoyed, my crops are in the snow,
Why I am treated with so little respect?
For I am a noble, not a silly Jew.

Where are my pants, where are my socks,
It is so dark today, I cannot see,
All these Jews are killing me,
I want revenge, but first they have to go!

Fine Jews leave; I had enough of you,
Get these plagues away from my family,
Don't kill my son; I will never bother you again,
Please go I mean it.

Now lets go, the Jews have left,
There's nothing that can stop me,
I will attack them now, call the army, and call the soldiers,
We will start at early dawn!
Listen close my Hebrews,
We are stuck in this desert,
There is barely any water in this path,
I have no plans on what we shall do.

There are the Jews; lets kill them right now,
They are the start of these plagues,
If we kill them we will be praised,
Come on Moses what are you ganna to do?
You are trapped and so are your Jews.

Let me think of something,
I will open this Nile,
You must run from Egypt,
They will kill you if you stay.

Charge, don't wait up, get them,
These Jews are really depressing,
Thinking they can get passed my men,
I am very angry, hope you're not sad,
Because this is a battle, not a circus my lad!

Yes, we crossed we are so intelligent,
We will succeed the things in our time,
I am very proud of you my friends,
Let’s all celebrate and call the Pesach.


from the April 2006 Edition of the Jewish Magazine




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