A Blessing Marks the Man


A Blessing Marks the Man - Psalm One


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Psalm 1

By James Vasquez

A blessing ever marks the man,
Who daily in his walk,
Takes heed to separate himself,
From base and evil talk,

Of wicked men who by their words,
Seek only to corrupt,
And would his tranquil walk with God,
And fellowship disrupt.

Nor does he stand within the way,
Of sinners anywhere,
Their lives to ponder and, in time,
To imitate and share.

He will not hesitate or sit,
Where mockers may be found,
For, one with them, he soon would be,
Quite by their habits bound.

A different path, instead, he takes,
His pleasure and delight,
Are wholly found in God’s pure law,
And on it, day and night,

He meditates and studies well,
That in his deepest thought,
God’s word he might revere o’er all,
And follow as he ought.

For like a tree is such a man,
By streams of water grown,
That does its broad and verdant leaves,
In every season own,

Whose fruit, so lush and succulent,
Each passing year provides,
Its owner with fresh, sweet delights,
And welcome shade, besides.

And further blessed, this prudent man,
Will find prosperity,
In all to which he puts his hand,
Whatever it may be.

But things shall otherwise turn out,
For those who follow not,
The just and holy law of God,
Nor by his ways are taught,

For they, in truth, are like the chaff,
That, driven night and day,
Is blown about till shattered or,
Is carried far away.

For sinners will not stand when they,
In judgment at God’s throne,
Appear and give account to him,
Whose law they did disown.

And thus in the assembly of,
The righteous gathered there,
Quite sadly they’ll not find themselves,
Nor in their blessings share.

For God o’er all the chosen ways,
Of those who follow well,
Keeps watch assuring safety and,
That they with him shall dwell.

But those who fail to hear their God,
And his law to cherish,
Will miss his blessing in their lives,
And will one day perish.


from the July 2006 Edition of the Jewish Magazine




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