My sins I will confess



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Psalm 32

By James Vasquez

Now blest is he whose sins, though plain,
Are covered by decree,
And whose transgressions, one and all,
Are yet forgiven free.

The Lord does not against him count
His sin though mindfully done,
And in his spirit no deceit
Is found or e’en begun.

And when with silence I disdained
My sin to freely state,
My bones were wasted, groaning was
My constant daily fate.

Your hand weighed heavy on my soul
Throughout the day and night,
My strength as on a summer day
Was sapped and then took flight.

‘Twas then my sins I laid before
Your throne confessing all,
Nor sought a way to cover them,
The weighty or the small.

"My sins I will confess," I said,
"To him who will console,"
And kindly you forgave the guilt
That took its wasteful toll.

Now let each godly soul lift up
His voice in worthy prayer,
That while you may be found his words
Might some kind welcome share.

And when the mighty waters rise
And threaten to o’erwhelm,
Quite safe he’ll take his place on high
Beyond their turgid realm.

My hiding place, O Lord, you are,
Protecting from distress,
And songs of full deliverance now
Surround my life and bless.

"I will instruct and teach you in
The way that you should go,
And counsel and watch over you
In midst of friend and foe.

"Be not like horse or mule which lack
All understanding fair,
And bit and bridle are required
To train this willful pair."

Now many are the woes of men
Who cherish evil ways,
But God’s unfailing love surrounds
The man who trust displays.

Be glad, you righteous, and rejoice,
Now sing with upright heart,
And to angelic voices’ sound
Your gladdened praise impart.


from the September 2006 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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