Single Girls Guide to Finding a Great Guy


Single Girls Guide to Finding a Great Guy


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Dress for Success

By Rachel B.

In the old times, and I mean old times, clothing was worn for protection against the elements. Today, most clothing is means to project the "you" that you desire to show the world.

There is a definite co-relation between the manner in which a person dresses and the manner in which that person is perceived by others. Politicians and actors know that power that the proper image can provide them. Many of them employ professional consultants that they may present their image in a positive manner to their audiences.

A smart woman should avail themselves of this power, too. The way you dress will enhance your abilities to reach goals whereas improper dress will create barriers. This is true whether you are in business or in general life. This is especially important when you desire to find your soul mate, and to maintain a positive relationship with him.

Let us get down to the nitty-gritty. Men are attracted to females; it is part of the divine plan. When we are single we are being watched constantly by possible suitors. How we dress is what we attract. The more flesh that is shown, the grosser guy is attracted. This is a law of nature.

One of the women that I work with met her husband in a singles bar. They had a miserable marriage that ended up in a just as miserable divorce. She told me that she would like to remarry so what do you think she does? She is going back to the singles bars again! Does that make sense to you? Not to me! It seems that she should use a better strategy for finding a husband than some pickup in a bar.

It is obvious that just like the situation in which we meet our mates is important. It must be conducive to meeting the proper person. Even more so, the manner in which we dress gives signals to the surrounding men about the type of person we are and whom we are looking for.

When a women dresses in a revealing manner, she is saying that she is cheap and consequently attracts those men looking for cheap thrills. I believe that by dressing in a modest manner we shake off the wolves and give notice to those solid and serious men who seek a marriage partner with whom they can build a firm foundation for a good home.

The Jewish concept of modesty is a guide for insuring a successful match. Modesty does not mean dressing like someone out of the middle ages, but rather in a modest reserved manner. The Hebrew word "tz'nuah" means not noticed easily. That is the meaning of Jewish modesty. Clothing should be chosen based on two criteria: taste and coverage.

Clothing should be chosen for taste, meaning that it should not be flashy, ultra trendy fashions, but modest in that it does not call excessive attention to the wearer. Like wise, tight clothing is also not proper; but a sack is just as bad. Taste is the key word; it should look good, but not flashy.

Coverage is important, meaning not to exhibit cleavage, and much skin. Dress length should be below the knees and below the elbow.

Remember, you are looking for a man to be your husband, now someone with wondering eyes. You want someone who is stable, not given to one night stands. You must make yourself into the type of person he would want. You must dress for success always.

By dressing for success, you increase your power to succeed, and remember, that even in business, if you dress modestly, you will be respected. But if you dress in a manner that gives a skin show to everyone, your co-workers will not be respected, rather, you will cheapen your value.

Looking nice and modesty go together; showing flesh and flashiness bring the dogs. Attract yourself a solid and stable partner.


from the October 2006 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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