Sing Your Praises to Our God


Sing Your Praises to Our God


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Psalm 147

By James Vasquez

Now sing your praises to our God,
‘Tis good and fitting to extol
His name above all other names,
And pleasant to your soul.

He builds Jerus’lem by his strength
And gathers Jacob’s exiles there,
The brokenhearted heals and all
Their wounds he binds with care.

He calls the stars by name, their sum
By his own counsel he maintains,
His wisdom ever boundless, he
Alone in might remains.

The humble he upholds secure
But casts the wicked to the ground,
Give thanks to him and sing, let harp
And music now abound.

The sky with clouds he covers and
The ground with rain is ever blest,
On every hill where cattle roam
With grass the earth is dressed.

‘Tis not the horse’s strength nor yet
Man’s legs that please in heav’n above,
But he who fears and puts his hope
In God’s unfailing love.

Extol the Lord, Jerusalem,
O Zion, praise your God on high,
Your gates he strengthens daily and
Your people now come nigh.

And peace to all your borders does
He grant you well on every side,
And with the finest wheat your stores
He kindly has supplied.

A word goes forth at his command
And swiftly runs nor is it lost,
Like wool the snow is spread abroad,
Like scattered ash, the frost.

His hail like pebbles thunders down,
And who can stand his icy blast?
He melts them with a word and winds
Bring waters rushing past.

While other nations long to hear,
Alone to Jacob is his word
Revealed and in their steadfast song
His praise is e’er assured.


from the November 2006 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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