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Three Poems

by Michael Druck © 2007


Torah has holiness to bring.
It is the most beautiful and splendid of things.
A light from the essence of G-d.
We soar, as we pray and we sing.
Torah has holiness to bring.

Torah has holiness to give.
Words like the brightness of gold.
As a scent of trees in the rain.
It is the essence of a G-dly refrain,
and arms that will love and will hold.

Words of a spirit’s delight
are thoughts that star in the night.

Spend your time in holiness.
It is the breadth of ecstacy,
and the bringing of Messiah.
And all, we as a people, can,
and will ever be,
a light unto all of the nations,

for Torah has holiness to bring.

* * * * *


I read a book of Torah thoughts
while in my chair reclined,
and felt the essence of G-d’s own words
bring joy and peace to mind.

To those I felt my people’s link
in what He had to say.
It brought my heart to what we think
and how we’ve found our way.

The air around me brought a joy
that one can hardly measure.
O’that feeling in my soul
was want to give me pleasure.

My heart leaped up and was hardly still
and caught some holy air.
And made me think, of our great link
to holiness and prayer.

This belief was heaven sent
as was written in the plan.
We’ve no reason to lament
of what we bring to man.

The promise of Messiah.

* * * * *


G-d provides opportunity
that mankind overlooks.
Each with be held accountable
in notes of an eternal book.

There was a revelation at Sinai,
that echos in our soul.
It is that reverberation we hear,
that moves us, and makes us whole.

It radiates in our senses,
in our children and in our being.
It is everywhere,
loud, and yet serene.

It is that burst of energy,
where Jewish life begins.
It reverberates with intensity,
and in every next of kin.

It resounds, and is repeating
through every Jew and sage.
It resonates through all the years,
and decades of the age.

We hear it, we taste it.
We see it day by day.
It is, as G-d wanted,
in His Torah, and His way.

The repercussion and re-echo
forever will rebound.
Through every Jew, old and new,
and where Torah’s words are found.

A revelation that is always a part of you,
and me forever more.
Sits now, and in history,
for mankind to explore.

A burst of energy, and if you listen,
it will resound,
through every year, and every prayer,
and where any Jew is found.

In that bang that hardly whispers.

Not far from the tree,
the leaves fall,
and time scatters
like the wind.


from the June 2007 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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