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Why Does Israel Always Come Out as a Loser?

By Larry Fine

Why is it, that even though Israel can seem to win wars, they can never 'win' peace? Even though their enemies may attack them, why do the nations of the world perceive Israel as the aggressor? Why is it that although never has an Israeli or a Jew blown himself up killing innocent women and children, yet thousands of Arabs are killing, maiming, terrorizing both us, their own people and the rest of the world, nevertheless, it is us, Israel, that is looked at as the instigators?

* * *

Perhaps the answer requires us to go back in time, more than one hundred years ago. The Jews in Europe were constantly the victims of pogroms. Depending on the location and the prevalent evil spirit in the air, the various pogroms made the rounds of Europe. What did the Jews do? They philosophized as to the reason that the gentiles constantly tried to harm them. They came up with four basic and different reasons and alternative paths of action:

  1. Since the government and church causes the gentiles to run amok in order to hide their own misdeeds. Let us Jews create a fair and just government (socialism or communism) and educate the gentiles as to proper behavior.

  2. There is nothing for Jews to do in Europe; we are helpless. Let us go to Israel and set up our own government where we will be strong.

  3. They hate us because we are different. Let us assimilate and we will be the same as them, then they we no longer hate us.

  4. The reason that we suffer is because of our sins. Let us turn to G-d and beseech his help.

Although these are four separate reasons, they do not exist completely independent, but merge together in various forms. The first three reasons overlap and are compatible. They were widely accepted in various degrees by most European Jews. The first Zionist movement was composed of people who truly believed not only in living and in working in 'our own land', but under a socialistic-communistic form of government. They believed that with the strength of their hands and determination of their wills they could bring about a wonderful promised land, based on equality and fraternity, between Jews and non-Jews (Arabs) who would live together in enlighten friendship.

They reasoned that once the Arab nomads that inhabited Palestine saw the excellence and good will of the new Jewish immigrants, the increase in the wealth brought about by their labors, and the overall abundance that was due to the Jewish socialist manner of life, they would end their hostilities and join in the ideal society and reap the profits of a new life, based on the fraternity of man. It sounded very good and most idealistic Jewish youth were sold on the dream. The problem was that even though the dream was implemented and Israel became indeed a wonderful and abundant land, the Arabs never renounced their hostilities. But even more strange, the Zionists and their subsequent inheritors could never really relinquish this dream.

War after war, terror attack after terror attack, year after year, the Arabs refused to even acknowledge the Jewish state. Yet the Israelis, in a great show of benevolence and in chauvinistic manner, would bend over backwards to extend their hand in peace only to be surprised that it would never be accepted. Even the so-called peace with Egypt and Jordan never brought peace in the true meaning of the word, but rather a strained state of them putting up with us for a brief cessation of hostilities. This did not include an end to the belligerent hate statements from their citizens and clerical incitation of their religious faithful.

One might think that experience makes one wiser, perhaps, but one must first have eyes in his head. Instead of insisting that Arab education standards in the territories exclude hate filled teachings, and that Muslim leaders be accountable for incitation, the Israeli government treated the Arab hate mongers as if it were a case of freedom of speech and religion. The Israelis let the Arabs have their own system of education, which allowed teaching children that Palestine belongs only to the Arabs and that the Jews must be driven into the sea, that suicide bombings are a delightful manner in which may ascend to the heavenly throne, and that Jews are dogs and monkeys.

In addition to this folly, the Israelis have armed their own enemies, given them financial aid, and given them Israeli generated water and electricity, built for them roads, and done everything they can for their Arab enemies except to lie down and put a bullet in their own heads.

It is as if the criterion to become an Israeli politician is based on ignorance of the Koran, ignorance of the reality that the more the Arab is given, the less he respects you and that money is the goal of all living beings. Is it any wonder that Israel is now once again surrounded by enemies who are quietly building arsenals for another war? Hezbollah in the North is using this quiet time to dig in and re-group for the next war. Syria is supplying the Hezbollah and making plans to help it in the next fight. Hamas has taken over the Gaza strip and is now importing longer-range missiles and anti tank weapons, perhaps to hit Tel Aviv. Abas and his Fatah are no less dangerous, even though not fanatically religious, they believe that they must struggle in a more covert manner than Hamas, but they both believe in ridding Palestine of the Israeli menace. Abas, the inheritor from Arafat, believes that Israel must be destroyed. He is just cleverer and conceals his desires so that he can get funding from the West and Israel, who stupidly supply him with money and weapons.

Why is it that Israel is always the loser? Simply, they never realized their flawed reasoning. The Arabs do not believe in co-existence; their religion will not accept it. Islam believes that Jews (and Christians) are second-class citizens. As long as we are on the top, it is an affront to their religion and they are compelled by that very religion to destroy us. Their can never be peace in the Middle East or in the world until the religious fanatics are totally stopped.

It does not take much intelligence to look around the world and see where and why terrorists are carrying out their acts. Are their any Jewish terrorists? Do Jews blow up airplanes and try to kill women and children? Muslims exclusively do!

To the Arab mind, terror is a kosher tool that coerces his enemy into acquiescence, be he fellow Arab, Jew or Christian. The Arabs utilize the Western concepts of equality for their own goal, crying when it is in their betterment to look discriminated against, but never to give equality to anyone else.

As long as our Jewish and Israeli leaders shut their eyes to the truth of the Arab and Islamic dangers, Israel can never win. Israel must take the lead, it must be harsh with the Arabs whether in Gaza, Lebanon, or in the territories. It must force them into renouncing the fundamentalist teachings of Islam even if it means jailing or executing leaders for sedition. They must be firm in providing only 'kosher' education for their children that does not include the glorification of killing Jews or other innocents, but rather preaches equality of man and basic human rights.

Only when Israel stops the stupidity of allowing the Arabs to become belligerent, can there be peace.


from the July 2007 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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