Let Israel now be quick to voice
This eminent refrain


psalm 128


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Psalm 124

By James Vasquez

If on our side the Lord had not
In mercy chosen to remain,
Let Israel now be quick to voice
This eminent refrain,

If God our side, in disregard,
Or recompense had chosen not,
While men attacked us and in rage
Our end so cruelly sought,

Alive they would have swallowed us,
The flood, engulfing, swept away,
The raging waters bearing yon
Our bodies on that day.

Now praise be to the Lord for he
From savage enemies’ cruel teeth
Has kept us by his hand and from
The woe they would bequeath.

For like a bird from fowler’s snare
We have escaped and flown aloft,
Their scheme we left a shambles and
At all their cunning scoffed.

For truly does our help proceed
From him on whom we daily call,
Of heav’n and earth the Maker and
Whose Name is Lord of All.


from the July 2007 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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