The Land Promised to our Fathers


The land promised to our Fathers


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The Land of Our Dreams

By Mendel Weinberger

The land promised to our Fathers
So many years ago
Still shines in our dreams
And beats in our hearts
The land, the Holy land.

Two thousand years of wandering
Have not weakened our desire
Nor made us forget
The great love that fills our lives
For the land, the Holy Land.

Our return to the Holy Land
Began with the dream of a lost Viennese journalist
Spurred on by the cruel pogroms of Eastern Europe
Then the great death camps of evil incarnate
Pushed us towards our destiny
In the land, the Holy Land.

We came prepared to build our homes
With the sweat of our hands and
The passion of our hearts
To plant and reap the fruits of our labor
In the land, the Holy land.

We took up arms
To defend ourselves,
Our wives and children
Like King David and his warriors
In the land, the Holy land.

We defeated our enemies
And made the desert bloom
We built great cities
And took in the thousands
Who had fled from their homes
To the land, the Holy land.
Completed is the work of building
Of planting and sowing
And we wonder what it is we must do now
So the shofar's call comes to awaken us
"Be holy, for I the L-rd your G-d am Holy"
In the land, the Holy land.


from the September-October 2007 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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