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The Jew and G-d in His Image

By Michael Druck © 2007

When the sun comes after a summer’s rain,
And the birds fly high in the blue,
And a family walks on their way to synagogue,
In a group, or two by two,

G-d smiles and is watching.

When the sun comes up after a shadow goes,
And a light shines after the showers,
And Jews pray their daily prayers,
And the glow is the color of flowers,

G-d smiles and is watching.

And as the evening comes and the Jew turns home,
When the moon succeeds the sun,
The Jew goes to his other place,
Together, or one by one,

And G-d still smiles and is watching.

The Jew brings light to a summer’s rain,
Even when the day is past,
We are a people who belong to heaven,
A home that ever lasts,

And G-d smiles and is watching.


from the November 2007 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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