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Jewish Astrological Forecast for 2008


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Jewish Horoscope for 2008

By Yaakov Kronenberg and the Jmag Staff

Last time that we spoke with Yaakov, he gave us a pretty depressing view of the American financial markets. (see previous horoscope ) So we asked Yaakov if he felt that his prediction was vindicated by the actions of the markets in the past several months.

Yaakov: I don't think that the market has yet hit bottom. In August, Saturn entered into Virgo. One of the effects of that is that it causes nervousness, irrational and rational fears, and insecurity to come into the world. This is also showing up in the stock market. There remains more volatility to be seen. Soon Saturn will enter the fifth house in America's chart, it is presently moving in now, this is going to dampen people's desires to speculate. When this happens the stock market will drop a bit.

Jupiter is now moving into the eighth house, which is the sign of Capricorn. Jupiter's nature is to expand things so we may see America printing much paper money and together with this will be inflation. Prices will go up. In general it is a good time to buy commodities, like gold and silver. Saturn in Virgo causes shortages in agriculture. Saturn is shortages and Virgo is agriculture. Investing in agriculture should be good, especially cotton, sugar, livestock, just like most things that have not yet risen much.

In general, America's chart shows that Gemini, Mars and Uranus are on the ascendant. This means that America, which was founded on the principle of freedom, and Gemini which likes to express its opinion, will express it throughout the world. With Mars included, that means that they are willing to do this even using the military.

Beside this, America has four planets in the sign of Cancer which is in the house of money. From the chart, we see that America which is the richest country believe that to have freedom you need two things: Money and Education. It is America's wealth that brings them military power. All military powers before they are brought down begin to lose their money. America has made mistakes, like not winning the war in Iraq and then pushing in billions of dollars with no tangible results. In addition, other countries are trying to cause them financial problems, since they can not harm them militarily they are trying financially, such as China, who keep their currency artificially low, in order to take much dollars and trade away from America. Europe too is pushing that the world standard be switched to the Euro. Add this to the obligation of America to pay Social Security to millions of people. Putting all of this together, I see serious problems ahead for the dollar. This translates into a fall in America's military capabilities.

Israel is always dependent on America, since most of what they sell goes to America. There is a saying that when America sneezes, Israel catches a cold. From the charts, it seems that Israel is seriously afraid of Iran. America only wants to get rid of Iran's nuclear weapons, and then they are prepared to live with them. But Israel is more frightened since they view them as a greater threat. Iran supports terrorists groups against Israel.

From Israel's chart, Saturn falls on the main point of the Iranian nation, that means that if America does not do anything, Israel may well attack them. Olmert's chart show a person with no morals or ethics. He will do anything to stay in power. Note that anyone who did something wrong in the second Lebanese war has retired or quit, but Olmert can justify anything that he does. Since he is at the lowest point in popularity, it is possible that to get re-elected, he may try to strike Iran, seeing this as a mode of bolstering his image.

If Israel or America does not deal with Iran now, then in two or three years time, it could cause much trouble since Saturn goes over the Israeli ascendant, foreboding hardships. The last time it happened was at the time of the first Lebanese war.

Inside Israel, I see a split up in the authority of the Israeli government. Neptune is in Israel's fourth house. This means a lot of disillusionment in the government. We already see many alternatives to the government. As an example, the education system is not functioning properly. Over fifty per-cent of the population does not rely upon the state school system for its education and instead they send their children to non-state run schools. How can a government survive if the citizens do not learn the ethics of the state?

In addition, there is a growing disbelief in the ability and proper intentions of the army. There is a mounting feeling that the army is being more considerate towards their enemies than for their own soldiers. Now we see that the mothers want to tell the army how to fight.

The health system is also seen as faltering and not providing proper health care. All of this reflects the growing disillusionment with the Israeli government. Soon you will see more groups that come to supplement the poor services that the government provides.

Regarding the Arab problem, I see no solution at hand. America needed Russia as an enemy to give it purpose and to spread democratic ideals in the world. Now that Russia is no longer an enemy, America has no real purpose. Similarly Arial Sharon existed only to fight the secular Arab enemy, Arafat. Once Arafat died, Sharon was no longer needed in the world. However Olmert is not capable of fighting or negotiating with Hamas. He prefers to try to set up Abbas, who is a total incompetent, but is secular and with him he feels he can deal. However he is mistaken, Abbas will not take over Gaza. There is more of a chance that Abbas will lose the West Bank to Hamas, than Abbas will take over Gaza.

In order to fight Hamas, which is a religious group, a religious leader is needed and at this time there is none. The only thing that is in the favor of Israel is that the religious people have multiplied and are gaining rapidly in percentage of the. Tel Aviv today looks like Jerusalem did some twenty years ago. There are religious people everywhere. This will bring more and more change. Eventually the religious bloc will take over the reins of the government and they will be empowered to neutralize Hamas. But as long as the liberals run the country, they will have no idea how to deal with religious enemies.

In summary, I am optimistic about Israel. The country is changing for the better, and this is because of all of the disillusionment. This causes people to look for alternative solutions and some of these alternatives are better that that which is available from the government.

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Yaakov teaches an on going class in Jewish Astrology. He is located in Jerusalem and welcomes new students. To contact Yaakov, call 0522-287-152 or email him at

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from the January 2008 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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