Praise God within the heav’ns above


Praise God within the heav’ns above


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Psalm 148

By James Vasquez

    Praise God within the heav’ns above
    And let all angels add their song.
    You heavenly hosts in chorus join,
    And jubilant, his praise prolong.

    Now sun and moon and shining stars
    Let not restraint suppress your praise,
    With waters in the firmament,
    As one your radiant voices raise.

    By his command they took their form,
    Oh, let them praise his name for this!
    Forever shall they hold their place,
    Since God decreed their genesis.

    And be not silent lowly earth,
    Let creatures of the sea their due
    Now render from the depths below
    Their rich, abundant praise anew.

    Let lightening, hail, snow and clouds,
    The stormy winds that to him bow,
    With mountains, hills and cedar trees,
    Their praise to him unbound allow,

    While cattle and all animals,
    The wild and creatures small as well,
    With birds aloft in skies above
    Their praises now and ever tell.

    You kings of nations, princes, too,
    You maidens, old and robust men,
    Now join with children and delight
    To offer praise to God again.

    His splendor reaches far above
    The earth and honored heaven’s place.
    His name alone exalted high,
    Let all creation praise embrace.

    A horn has he raised up for us,
    The praise of all his saints this day,
    Of Israel close to his own heart,
    His people who vow not to stray.

* * * * *

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from the January 2008 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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