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Hamas and the Lesson of Prussia

By Alexander Maistrovoy

Had anyone of the European monarchs, grandees or pontifices of the fifteenth century ever heard a word "Prussia"? Unlikely. Stuck in the Baltic bogs between Russia and Poland, Prussia, the miserable successor to the Teutonic Order, the obedient vassal of proud Poland (Rech Pospolita), hopelessly vegetated on the boondocks of Europe. Could anyone imagine that in two centuries only Prussia would become one of the main players on the European arena, initiate the two most terrible in history wars and claim world hegemony? However, skeptics would not consider three important circumstances: belligerence and vigor of Prussians, their support by boundless Russian empire and the favor of Fortune, whose whims can never be predicted.

By the beginning of the XVIIth century the House of Hohenzollern united with Brandenburg, skillfully combining military discipline and intrigues. The bridge to Europe over Poland has been thrown. The capital of the new formation was moved from Keninsberg to Berlin; steady absorption of Germany by Prussia (interrupted by Napoleonic wars) began: Hanover, Gessen, Nassau, Schleswig-Holstein, and Frankfurt-on-Main.

At that time democratic Poland which was torn apart by petty ambition of its dukes, endured one disaster after another: it was tormented by Swedes, Turks, Cossacks, and Russians. The Polish cavalry was the most irrepressible in Europe, but democracy of the country had turned into a parody to itself. Polish dukes squandered the state treasury on ridiculous follies - from love affairs to alchemical experiences.

Great European powers did not feel any danger. They indulged the fall of Poland, not understanding, that they themselves had lined up to become a predator's dinner. Austria, and then France were defeated by Prussia. United by Teutons, Germany dominates over Europe. The next step was the possession of the whole world: the First World War, then Nazism and the Second World War.

History is not a very inventive producer. Costumes and scenery vary, but not scripts. They repeat themselves in other countries, civilizations and cultures.

There is no other place in the Middle East as stale and ill-fated, as Gaza. No resources, no statehood - only sand, sea and ignorant superstitious masses. But there is an organization, ready to lead these masses. It is well organized, disciplined and has high motivation. What is more, there are influential forces supporting it.

Gaza was not the aim of the Hamas coup. Gaza is no more than a springboard. And Israel is not the main objective of the future campaign. It will of course be a victim, but not the overall objective. As well as Poland was by no means the overall objective of Teutonic aspirations.

As well as Prussians were unable to resist the Polish cavalry in the XVIIth century, Hamas cannot resist the Israeli army, which is considered to be the best in the Middle East. But they are not going to fight it. The next step of Hamas is to get influence in the West Bank. They do not hide their intentions. In November, 2007 one of the leaders of the organization, Mahmud az-Zahar told, that "as soon as the Israeli army will leave these areas, Hamas can establish there the authority".

This aim is quite accomplishable, considering how corrupted the highest ranks of Fatah are. At this very moment that Ramallah becomes the capital of new the formation, the world will recognize Hamas because it will become the only "dialogue partner".

But it is only half of the way. The next blow will be directed not against Israel, but again at the East. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan will be the next victim. 60 percent of its population are Palestinians, and the significant majority in Parliament are already Islamists. The rulers of the Hashemite Kingdom are undoubtedly the most educated and enlightened rulers in the region, but they are very vulnerable. If Hamas gets the West Bank, Jordan can easily be swallowed by the blood- thirsty predator as enlightened German princedoms and liberal cities had been swallowed by Prussia.

The result of this will be the creation of a huge Palestinian formation on both banks of the Jordan river which will get in contact with Sunni Arabs in the east of Iraq and the cradle of Wahhabism - Saudi Arabia.

In the south, Hamas's success will give impulse to the Muslim brothers in Egypt where Mubarak tries to keep them under control with the carrot and stick. But Mubarak is not eternal, and the Muslim brothers and Hamas are a Two-headed Ogre.

Israel will come next. The state has been losing its deterrent effect due to "successes" of its own plutocracy and EU Israel-bashing. That's why it won't be ready to resist the strong enemy, obsessed by military triumph. Surrounded by foemen it could be torn apart as Poland had been, with conniving indifference of "the civilized world".

But it is not the end of story. It is only the beginning. Israel is not the primary target of militant Islamists. They endanger the whole of the world. When Hamas creates a huge beachhead in the center of the Middle East, the rules of the game will change. It will be extremely difficult to do anything. It was quite possible to suspend the rising of Prussia. But it required two world wars, the combined efforts of the international community and tens of million of victims to stop Germany.

It is not a phantasmagoria. It is the scenario which has already started to be carried out...

... We only need to remember the fate of the protagonists of "that" Prussian story. Europe was liberated by the USA, but demoralized and disgraced. Germany went through defeats from which it never fully recovered morally. Poland returned to life, having passed through sufferings, treachery and humiliations. If Europe gets back its values and consequently its future, it will only be due to the handful of East European countries: Poland , Czech Republic and some others.

As for Prussia, it has disappeared from the face of planet. Unlike generous Polish kings, Stalin solved problems radically. One part of the Prussian population was starved to death during organized famine, others were moved to Siberia. Keninsberg became Kaliningrad with entirely Russian population.

It is useless to speak about history in a conditional mood, but who knows what the history of Germany and Europe (as well as Prussia itself) would be if after the defeat of the Teutonic order by Rech Pospolita, Keninsberg became a Polish city, and not a Prussian duchy. Predators have neither honor, nor mercy...


from the June 2008 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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