Let us sing for joy to God



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Psalm 95

By James Vasquez

Come, let us sing for joy to God,
The Rock of our salvation,
Midst shouts your thanks declare to him,
With music your elation.

For great is he, our God alone,
Above all gods prevailing.
A King whose glory nature tells
In splendor now unveiling.

The mountain peaks belong to him,
The sea is his, he made it.
His hands then formed the earth and with
The ocean overlaid it.

Come, bow your knee to worship low,
Before the Lord our Maker,
And join with others lifting hands,
A spirited partaker.

And ever shall he be our God,
Within his pasture keeping
His flock beneath his care each day,
Nor slumbering nor sleeping.

If but his voice you hear today,
Let not your hearts be hardened,
As when at Meribah your sin
Was neither veiled nor pardoned.

Your fathers in the desert there,
My patience duly tested,
Though clearly had they seen o’er time
My marvels manifested.

My anger, then, for forty years,
Pursued that generation,
For one and all determined to
Forsake me as a nation.

And since, in anger, I perceived
My word they had forsaken,
I vowed my rest they’d never know,
For all the ways they’d taken.

* * * * *

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from the August 2008 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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