These people called Jews
Tribe, sect, religion, people..

    January 2009            
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We Won

By Julie Rose

Who are they
These people called Jews
Tribe, sect, religion, people
I’ll tell you who
They’re people who won

For four thousand years
Time after time
We lost and then won once more
Exiled, confined
Freedom wrestled away
We survived
And came home

Our temples destroyed
Our people tormented and killed
Our homeland ruled by Babylonians,
Romans, Persians, Muslims,
Crusaders, Ottomans
Six million of our people killed

Some delight in our persecution and ridicule
We rose above those people
Stood, tall – pride in tact
Heads held high
And we won

We won a very small parcel of land
Surrounded, outnumbered by foes
On every side
Enemies seeking to destroy us
Foes who don’t understand that
Violence is the last refuge
Of the incompetent
We’re still there

We returned to our home again and again
Produced many great minds
Brilliant physicians, scientists, musicians
For the benefit of all mankind

We won thousands of the homeless
The persecuted
Stretched out hands of welcome
Gave them hope and a home
Reaped the reward of some highly accomplished people
Who’ve added to our strength

We’ve won the right and responsibility
To assist others in need
Offering assistance to countries
Suffering from life-threatening diseases
Natural disasters
Improving the lot of the drought-ridden farmer
Fostering industry for the poverty stricken

We’ve won the privilege of making
Breakthroughs in science and medicine
Bettering the world for others

We’ve won the right
To be proud of being the only country
In the Middle East which stands for
Peace and human rights
We’ve won the honor to be called
A light unto the nations

Every day, in every place
We win the applause of our
Brothers and sisters
And sometimes others as well

If you say “you’re not alone”
Others have accomplished the same
I’ll agree
We’ve no monopoly on brilliance
Inventions, compassion
That does not negate
What we’ve won


from the Februrary 2009 Edition of the Jewish Magazine