Poems from the Jewish Heart

    June 2009            
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Three Poems

By D.K. Milgrim-Heath © 2009

Religion Of My Heart

I practice my religion of my heart-
Daily itís gives me my morning start.
Praying for world peace I do know-
This peaceful prayerís strongly needed and this is so.
My earthly loved ones know theyíre prayed for-
They give me much happiness that they aim for.
For the sick I do also pray too-
Even for sick people I never knew.
When I pray Godís listens as Heís there-
He answers me in his timely care.
Heavenly Loved ones and my dogs I do include-
After daily prayers Iím feeling spiritually renewed.

Feeling Spiritual Pleasures

Iím feeling spiritual pleasures-
Knowing problems arise with different measures.
God helps me be completely away from harm-
Even though Iím upset He always grants me calm.
And this to shall pass - my beloved Mom used to say-
This certainly holds true for each of us every day.
My spiritual pleasures help me throughout the day-
By my continued blessings to Him in every way.

Children Are A Gift From The Lord

Children are a gift from the Lord-
Us as parents have that as our reward.
Nurtured assurance so our children can grow to be kind-
For our world being a nicer place in mind.
Yes with lots of love we must embellish-
Our love for God also we must cherish.
Parental obligations with our children go toward-
Demanding world peace for the newest generationís award.
Let many innocent children lead-
Teaching others everywhere loving peace as their creed.


from the July 2009 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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