Trying Moments, Giving Thanks

    July 2010            
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Have you ever had that moment where e...

By Chana Miriam Lester

Have you ever had that moment where everything was going great? You wake up in the morning and all your plans go according to plan; then suddenly you are faced with the lists growing quicker than you can clothe them? Well if you have then you know exactly what I want to share with you. So that is how my day began. Did it end positively? Well yes. So now you ask why are you telling us about your day if it was so perfect. Good question!

So I woke up, said Modeh Ani thanking G-d for my waking up, washed my hands, and then 1,2,3 - I leap out of my bed. Already in my head is my own personal computer which has just woken up from sleep mode and is running at its fastest speed. Folders overloading, inbox filling up quicker than the household garbage. Deep breathe - I can get it all done, I tell myself.

So whats first, I pray that I can have an easy, fulfilling day. Then I start lists: Check, Check, Check. Time going by as fast as the clouds in the sky. A feeling of fulfilment comes over me, I realise I have completed 3/4 of what I wanted. Then Crash!! spoke to soon. The cellphone rings, "Hi, can you help me with something?"

"Sure", I reply without question. Even though I know I have only a small amount of time to help. I can't question helping someone else. Then again, more and more requests come in for help. Now I am back at the beginning of the day, lists, folders, emails. How did that happen? None of them are mine. Every task belongs to someone else.

Wow, I actually did complete all I wanted to do. I didn't even realise it. Great, let's get all these sorted. Hours later, I drop on the sofa, take a deep breath and a quick chat to G-d, when I realise that everything is done. Everything I was worried about this morning (plus more) were all complete. All folders were closed, inbox empty, recycling bin empty, my desktop is clear. My mind is clear. Wow, that was a fulfilling day. Although I had a moment in between that I was sure I was never going to finish my own lists, I was sent extra tasks to fulfil, tasks belonging to others - yet I was able to help them too.

What can we take from such a day? How can we see that all those additional lists are really not as bad as when they first start piling up? Nothing is beyond our abilities. We are always able to do that little bit more. We have these tasks sent to us and although we see them as another hardship they are a gift. A way of G-d telling you that you are capable of more. You can do it. Not only can you do all that you had in mind but you also have the ability to fulfil so much more, going that step further. And when someone asks you to do something, doing chessed, a kindness, G-d will bless you with all the needed tools to fulfil all you need to do. Just have faith in Him and in yourself to go that extra step.


from the July 2010 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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