A Poem for Passover

    April 2011 Passover          
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The Prelude And Flight From Egypt

By Michael Druck © 2011

The Prelude:

I’m going to think about Pesach
and the holiday to come.

I’ll write a few words;
not much, just some.

I’ll get the haggadah
and read its pages
to remind myself of our Exodus
and the words of the sages.

I won’t say much.

Come along.

The Flight From Egypt:

Who remembers the dark,
remembers the eyes,
remembers the light,
remembers the why.

Do not forget Egypt.

Remember the why.

Fly Jewish people.

Remember where you’ve been.

Move through the desert;
freedom’s not a sin.

Never fear the darkness.

Let your conscience lead the way.

Follow close to Moses.

G-d, Himself, will make the day.

You will start again,
not picking up the pieces.

Your tears are souvenirs.

Go where your relief is.

Run Jewish people.

Become a Jewish nation.

Remember your pride
and the humiliation.

Remember, each mile is a Nile away.

From desert sands and hurtful pains
a crowd of Jews depart.
Going where G-d does reign
miles and miles apart.

From Egypt’s despotic shores,
this stranger makes his way.

And in a world he explores
a better, milder sway,
where no pharaoh holds him down
from a new life and freedom’s way.


from the April 2011 Passover Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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