Jewish Poems about God and Holiness

    May 2011          
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Three Jewish Poems

By Michael Druck © 2011

A Poet's View

Holiness is where the soul is.
It is what G-d provides.
Holiness is what you get from Torah.
And it is you who decides.

G-d said you should be holy
because I, your G-d, am so.
I belong to you in particular.
I am the Creator, and that, you should know.

I am going to teach you mitzvahs.
My Torah teaches law.
Turn away from evil and do good.
Follow Moses and listen
he will tell you what he knows and saw.

Holiness is where the soul is.
G-d rewards you on your behalf.
He invests in your future.
Work 'til you finish your tasks.

All Jews are brothers.
Their souls belong to one G-d.
Love G-d, love Israel, love Torah,
love another like yourself;
love goodness, spare the rod.

Holiness is where the soul is.
Strengthen and spread yiddishkeit.
Influence your surroundings.
G-d is watching day and night.

Yes, holiness is where the soul is
and there are things of holiness to G-d.


  In the Kingdom of Heaven

O' thou, Who sits upon heaven's throne
with Torah's words majestic in tone.
We praise ye, One and only King,
Who is as clear as the shofar
and its notes that sing.

He blesses each valley,
each grove and each mount.
He blessed the Sinai
and those He did count.

We are G-d's servants,
His holiest charge.
His praises are heard,
loud and enlarged.

From that place
Torah's words did we hear,
full of meanings did they yet appear.

Great, valiant, pious and clean,
sublime, contemplative, and ever serene.
Bright with light, exceeding in grace,
made for the Jew
for his thought and his space.

Valiant His words,
ascending we rise.
We are His students
of His words and we are apprised.

We are the pious,
magnificent grand.
Just as He taught us,
as it was planned.

Yet we are humbled
by His words, and His gifts.
The meanings of our journeys
cast onward adrift.

Perhaps we were meant to teach something.

We were meant to love G-d;
To love G-d in truth.
From the lessons of age
in our growth and our youth.

Blessed the world
and the spheres that He made.
His glorious light,
and the soothing of shade.

Deserts and rivers,
home from the hill,
the wisdom of Sinai
stays with us still.
The wisdom of Sinai
stays with us still.

Ye, Who art in heaven.
Ye Who is praised,
will be One with His people
every night, every day.

Deserts and rivers,
home from the hill,
the wisdom of Sinai
stays with us still.


  Our World

All our world is Torah
and it is we, who will endure.
For every light we light,
G-d will give us more.
And the nations will never be like us.

Every Jew has his time,
and should play just one role -
an example to every human being on earth,
and that is what will keep us whole;
as G-d intended.

There is but one justice.
There is but one law.
It is written in G-d's Torah
with great meanings, without flaw.

We are filled with wisdom,
for every age is on our side.
All it takes is perseverance,
and G-d, Himself will provide
his teachings in Torah.

It will be written on our stones
that we have grown with the ages.
And that we as a people
are alone with the sages.
So we are, and will always be, Chosen.


from the May 2011 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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