Singing with the Eternal

    September 2011          
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Chosen Road - a Poem for Rosh HaShanah

By Tad Campbell © 2011. All rights reserved

Promises made between a G-d and His people

The barren shall grow with expectation

pregnant with possibility

a living seed where once there was only human desert

To others Hagar’s son thirsts

unsure if water can be found

But again the L-rd speaks


changing drought to living spring

and a nation drinks in heaven's promise as thirst is quenched

An egg warms beneath the hen’s wing

and so male sons mature beneath the life-giving light

They laugh and wonder

how is it Sarah’s womb once closed

now harvests the child of her dreams

Surely the Creator has heard

as she promises all her son’s days to G-d

And beneath a bush of desolation

another mother finds water to drink

the fountain that now flows through her growing child

Together we are these same children

hungry to know the Eternal

to feel the mystery and the wonder in our own loins

As there grows promise and joy

A hope we have built our nation upon

and a river that ebbs through our numerous veins

There are times we too sit beneath a dry bush

begging to be quenched of the inner hunger

Others giving life to the miracle of being

Bursting with possibility

singing with the eternal

The path we walk

and the road we choose


from the September 2011 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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