Creation of a Palestinian State: A Better Plan

    November 2011          
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Palestine State in Saudi Arabia

By Gennadiy Baruch Faybyshenko

Today the whole world speaks of a need for a Palestinian State to be created. The United Nations is going out of its way, European Union is seeking quicker approaches and the United States administration has number one agenda to the immediate need for a Palestine to be created as there are no other problems in the world. The one nation that seems to give so many thoughts to it is Saudi Arabia , who seems to truly care for the "Palestinian" nation. It was Saudi Arabia who came up with a Saudi Initiative plan back in 2002 that would allow the creation of Palestine inside Israel's current borders of Samaria , Judea, Gaza and Jerusalem as it's capital. Also it would allow about 5 million descendants of the so called Arab refuges who fled Israel in 1948. At first their initiative was not taken seriously, but as time passes by, Israel is running out of options but to submit to a Saudi proposal.

Everyone knows once Israel will fully implement that initiative, it would self destruct both military and demographically. Once Israel will vacate the hilltops and will remove more than half a million Jews, the Arab terrorists will be shooting rockets onto coastal cities. A small sample of how the Arabs will be shooting rockets may be seen at the Gaza strip. Instead of rockets landing in the Gaza belt communities, they will be landing in major cities. Inside what will be left out of Israel , the Arabs will quickly shift the demography and Israel will stop function as a Jewish State resulting in massive emigration of Jews.

The other choice Israel has is to keep the situation the way it is right now, but nothing good will come out of it because the Arabs in greater Israel are making up almost half of the population and when a minority becomes the majority it will not allow itself to be treated as a second class citizens. Also the world pressure resulting from variety of human right groups will eventually force Israel to implement that plan. Anything in between Saudi Initiative and keeping the Greater Israel will only delay until Saudi Initiative will be implemented. Arabs will never agree to live in autonomy or have a small state because it would not be humanly feasible. Also this new Arab State will be breeding on hatred and it will be only a matter of time until another war will erupt and it will not be that easy now for Israel to enter a sovereign nation as oppose to a territory.

On the other hand, if Saudi Arabia really cares for "Palestinians" and truly want them to prosper and develop, they can create the state of Palestine inside their own home. Saudi Arabia is the largest Arab country with size of 2,150,000 square kilometers (830,000 sq mi) with a population of only 27.6 million people. Not only is the creation of Palestine is impossible inside Israel due to of overcrowding but will result in lack of resources for its inhabitants. Also most of the world Jewry will not allowed it to happen. While many Jews, especially in the United States speak of the peace process, they don't really mean it.

I once spoke to an old friend of mine who used to volunteer for one of the American Jewish Establishment groups. He told me that everyone whom he knew were against any Palestine State inside Israel of any shape or size. However, to be accepted in political circles, they had to speak of peace process and especially Land for peace to show that Jews really care for peace. Though, they always emphasized that Arabs have to accept Israel 's existence as well as a Jewish State.

It is well known that Arab leaders will never recognize, thus this process will go in circle and will never reach its end point. That's what my old friend was trying to convince me that it is ok to speak about Palestine State and the flexibility of Jewish people that makes them not only politically correct but more humane. The only problem with it is that this whole process requires a lot of hypocrisy. The old generation may lie to themselves but not to their children and when their children will grow up, they will believe in it for real. Today's young generation of Jews are different from their parents and look different at Israel .

The litmus test is simple. If the whole world really cares for "Palestinians" it does not matter to them where they would live, even create a State in the U.S. if President Obama really wants them to determine a statehood, after all, this is his number one agenda. Reallocating Arabs from Israel to Saudi Arabia would be the best idea since both people share the same language, ethnicity, religion, culture and much more. Besides, there never was a Palestine nation, they are Arabs, part of the Arab nation to where the Arabs of Israel must and will be repatriated.

In my opinion, it is up to the Jewish organizations right now to speak about moving the State of Palestine into Saudi Arabia , lobbying on Capitol Hill, promote in the media and offer this plan to the American President. There is absolutely no other way, and keeping Arabs inside Israel will only result in a civil war. If the nations of the world who offer so much money and efforts reject this plan, then it would prove that they are not interested in solving "Palestinian" problem, but rather are focused on Israel 's destruction, failing after numerous attempts to destroy the Jewish Nation through out the ages. Besides those who stood by during the Holocaust and when Israel faced destruction in 1948, 67 and 73, have nothing to tell us.

The Author is the Chairman of "Bnai Elim," a Jewish Activist Organization


from the November 2011 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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