What is the Worth Of A Life if it is Jewish?

    November 2011          
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The Worth Of A Human Life

By Dr. Matania Ginosar

What is the worth of a human life?

Is one human life more significant than another? To the relatives, obviously yes, but on a global scale it should not. The blood of an innocent Iraqi civilian murdered by his Muslim "brothers" in their sectarian war is as red as any other human being. The blood of an indigenous African, murdered in Sudan by the Muslim North, is as red as a Palestinian terrorist killed by an Israeli air strike.

Here is some data:

In the last ten years approximately 550,000 people were murdered in different global wars, mostly innocent civilians. At the same time some 3,000 Palestinians, mostly active terrorists, were killed by Israel in self defense. That is a ratio of about 200 to one. Again: for every one Palestinian killed in the wars they have initiated and continue, 200 innocent civilians have been killed globally!

The outrage against Israel's defense of its citizens is so much more ferocious than the murder of more than half a million people!

Israel has improved its ability to minimize collateral civilian death by air strikes; it is now the hard to achieve 3%. Yes, only 3% of the casualties of Israeli Air Force anti terrorist strikes are innocent civilians. And remember, the terrorists operate among civilians! The loss of every innocent life is sad, but the Palestinians are initiating all these attacks on Israeli civilians; beside murders of individual Israeli civilians they have been sending some 20,000 rockets in the last decade from Lebanon's Hizbullah and Hamas' Gaza into Israel. Can you grasp that? It is one of the most momentous rockets barrage in any global war on a country, just 5% of the size of California.

We, the great USA, caused the death of 250,000 (quarter of a million!) civilians in Iraq during our war there. Yes, the internal sectarian wars directly caused most of the civilian casualties there, but if we did not try to "save them"; to change their regime to our taste, they would have suffered considerably less deaths, destruction and agonies under Sadam.

Yet, much of the world's media, the European and our own Public Broadcasting System, the liberal newspapers, the Presbyterian Church, the Boycott movement, and even Jewish groups such as J Street condemn Israel way out of proportion to reality. Somehow they do not see the total picture. Why?

So, why did the Western world joined the Arab world in persistent condemnation of Israel's self defense?

The main reason is inherent and deep, millennia-long anti-Semitism.


from the November 2011 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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