Israel's Deminished Intelligence in view of Arab Belligerence

    April 2012          
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What Happened to Israeli Brains?

By N. Shuldig

It has been quite fashionable in the English speaking Israeli press to publish each day two or three articles on the possibility of Israel attacking Iran. Notably, the low level yellow journalistic Ynet adds several op-ed pieces written by people who have little or no knowledge of reality while Ha'aretz continues to preach for a humanistic solution by recognizing the Arab right to take over this land.

On the other side of the same coin, as Israel is attacked from the Gaza Strip on a daily basis and when there is finally a 'cease fire', these same Arabs will just continue to re-supply their stock of rockets with a more deadly type. And what is Israel's answer? Retaliate to each strike only.


What kind of defense is that? Retaliate after we have been hit? What? we have to wait until they attack us and then we retaliate? What kind of stupidity is this?

Has no one ever done their homework? Does no one ever learn from history? What kind of leaders do we have that have no plan, no imagination, no knowledge?

Let's us understand the Arab mind: Have you ever read the Koran? Probably the answer is no. Well I recommend that you buy one and keep it in the toilet room so that when you are spending some quiet time with nature you can read it. It is a fascinating lesson in how the Arab mind works. Mohammad was not just a religious leader; he was also a warrior and an astute student of the human psyche. He knew how to play one group against the other in order to come up with a military victory. He knew how to frighten people and he knew how to terrorize people, but don't believe me; get a copy and read it.

There is no giving up by the Arabs, there is only making a treaty to build up for the next round. Look in the Koran and understand the Arab mind. They view the Land of Israel as theirs; we, the Israelis are the usurpers of their property. Just our being here is an insult to their religion. What can I do?

Secondly, let us understand how World War II holocaust started.

Hitler had been wanting to get rid of the Jews for years. Did anyone believe him? No, the world did not care what he said about the Jews and the Jews felt that since they had lived in Germany for centuries and since the Germans were such good people, that Hitler could not bring about a Judenfrei Germany. Like with the case of Hitler, no one wants to believe that Iran's leader, Ahmadinejad, will actually deliver a nuclear bomb to Israel. If the world did not believe Hitler, why should they believe Ahmadinejad; If the world did not care about six million Jews who perished, why should you believe they could care about a bunch of Jews living in Palestine who are nuked? If FDR did not care about the wholesale massacre of Jews and did nothing to stop it, why should you think that Obama will do something?

Certainly diplomatic negotiations are more desirable than a war, but why did America decide to nuke Japan instead of make some covert diplomatic negotiations? What about all the innocent Japs that were killed?

The reason is simple. There were no innocent Japs (or Germans). The Japs all supported the Japanese government and they helped the war effort. America wanted an end to the war so they dropped a few atomic bombs killed over an estimated 200,000 not so innocent people. What was the outcome? Well Japan called off the war, came to its senses, signed a peace treaty that has brought peace between the two counties now for seventy years and shows no signs of coming to an end.

What about Israel and it Arabs neighbors? Well how many wars have we won? If a cease fire means victory, well each cease fire was only a prelude to another conflict. No wars actually won in the sense that they brought peace rather they stopped fighting before the Arabs gave up their crazy dream of getting rid of us in order that they can re-group and start anew in a few years. We have peace with the Palestinians? Go take a walk in Ramallah while wearing a kippa and see the type of peace (or piece) that we have.

It is time to realize that the Arabs in the Gaza Strip are not innocent bystanders. They support the Hamas government; they elected it and they maintain it. Bombing the hell out of Gaza may not be desirable but it will bring results: a downfall of the Hamas government and a realization that a terrorist government means many dead civilians – this they might understand just like the Japanese.

The famous American general George Patton who helped bring the end to one of the worst wars in history said it clearly, “war is hell.” If the enemy will not listen to reason, it is for us to stop him before he starts and to make certain that he will not just pause and resume, but never start again.

If Iran is totaled out, perhaps they will forget their military ambitions.

Perhaps if people in the West read history instead of putzing around with their iPod games, perhaps if they read the Koran, perhaps, but don't expect much from the Western demented minds. If we don't take the ball into our hands, or the initiative, we may not be here to find out what has happened.


from the April 2012 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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