Passover Poem about the Exodus from Egypt

    April 2012          
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A Tale Of Bricks and Blights

By Judy Gibbs © 2012

The Jews were slaves in Egypt three thousand years ago

God sent Moses to talk to the Pharaoh

My people want to celebrate the offering of a lamb

This is a special holiday for every woman and man

Let us go into the wilderness

It takes three days to do

This is really very special for each and every Jew

The lord our God of Israel sends this message to you, Pharaoh,

Let the people have their feast


The Pharaoh said they could not go, the straw he took away

They had to make the bricks without much to their dismay

Moses to the Pharaoh went to ask him one more time

Let our people have their feast or there will be a sign

The Pharaoh refused and God had his say

A plague of bloody water filled Egypt's waterway

Ten plagues in all descended on the Egyptians and the Pharaoh

Frogs, gnats and flies came scaring them to the marrow

The fifth, sixth, and seventh plagues

The cattle got a disease

Boils on the Egyptians' flesh

And hail which did not cease

The eighth plague brought the locusts which destroyed what crops remained

Moses, said the Pharaoh, You can go out on the plain

Just stop this plague, I'll let you go

My people are going insane

But when each plague was over, the Pharaoh changed his mind

The Jews were not one step further

They were in the same old bind

The ninth plague was a darkness lasting three days and three nights

You would think the Pharaoh had enough of all these dreadful blights

But now the tenth was near, the last and worst of all

The Angel of Death was coming

This would make the Pharaoh fall

At home, the Israelites had their feast

Then made ready for the day

They marked their doors with the blood of a lamb

To show the Lord the way

At midnight the Lord struck

The first-born of all Egyptians died

The Jews gathered their belongings while they heard the mournful cry

The Jews departed quickly

Out of Egypt they did run

And with the dough they had brought

They made matzoh in the sun

God led them by a pillar of cloud, a pillar of fire by night

They made it to the Sea of Reeds

The soldiers following for a fight

The Jews were needed back in Egypt

The Pharaoh demanding their slavery

So Moses stretched out his hand and parted that Reed Sea

They fled across the dry ground reaching the other side

But the Pharaoh's men were in pursuit

There was nowhere for the Jews to hide

Then the chariots and horsemen

In the mud they stuck fast

Their lives all ended on that day as the waves came rushing past

The Israelites were saved

Moses led them on again

To the land of milk and honey

The promised land, Canaan


from the April 2012 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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