In Which Direction is America's Morality Heading?

            April/May 2012    
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The Drift Towards Modern Paganism

By Shachna Linderman

The Democratic National Convention is against legislation defining marriage as between male and female and is for abortion on demand. The Republican National Convention is for legislation defining marriage as between male and female and is against abortion.

With the Democrats in power it's quite possible that America can legislate itself outside the realm of being a nation that has its roots in the Bible into the realm of a pagan nation.

I personally believe that Jews have a stake in seeing that America remains a nation that maintains its roots in the Bible.

If you have read James A. Michener's HAWAII or saw the movie you might have noted that the first thing the Calvinist missionaries did when they arrived in Hawaii was to clothe the scantily clad native Hawaiians. Part of the success of the movie was the Garden of Eden-like Hawaiian scenery including Hawaiian females running about in nothing more than grass skirts.

Once the Hawaiians were properly clothed they were eligible to come into the thatched-hut missionary school, and surprisingly the first thing they were taught was not that "that" deceased individual is Lord, but rather they turned to the vintage Old Testament, The Torah, and started their education with Leviticus 18, the chapter that the Jews read on the afternoon service for Yom Kippur, that details the forbidden sexual relationships.

The missionaries were quite perturbed that the Queen of Hawaii was married to her brother. When the missionaries informed her that before she could convert she would have to leave her brother, she was quite upset and told the missionaries that she loved her brother and that he was of the royal family.

Deformities born as a result of incestuous marriages were not a problem for the Hawaiians as any baby born defective was taken to the ocean and drowned.

The missionaries saved as many babies as possible and brought them into their homes and raised them and cared for them.

The ancient Greeks and Romans had the practice of taking elderly parents and bringing them out to the desert areas to let them die rather than to care for them. The practice stopped with the spread of Christianity and their incorporation of the Torah's command to honor one's parents, by caring for them in their old age.

The ancient Greek Empire fell with their embrace of homosexuality, but a repentant Christian Greece had a comeback after the fall of Rome in the form of the Byzantium Empire that spread Christianity in the Middle East.

Now that a number of American states have legalized same-sex marriages it would seem that they have lost their right to exist, one nation, under God, despite liberty and justice for all; case in point: ancient Greece.

With the Democrats in power it's quite possible that America can legislate itself outside the realm of being a Christian nation into the realm of a pagan nation and that would include incestuous and homosexual marriage and other forbidden sexual relationships that would follow suit under the banner of CIVIL RIGHTS.

Morality is a basic fabric in the existence of a nation and those who would flout the His commands can anticipate punishment. God will move Muslims into the Christian world.

We can see evidence of this in that the Western World is plagued with an influx of Muslims, so much so that it is not unfeasible that

Christian Europe and the Americas could become 50% Muslim within the next 100 years.

Not that Muslims are holier than thou, but at least they are not legalizing the forbidden sexual relationships. However, Muslim passion for murdering themselves to sanctify God's name has turned Allah into a pagan deity that requires the human sacrifice of their children. The Torah admonishes Israel a number of times not to fall prey to the pagan deities of Canaan and Egypt that required the burning alive of their children.

Christianity and Islam have wiped out many pagan practices amongst the nations of the world.

The Chinese used to have the practice of suffocating newly born female offspring because it wasn't considered honorable to have female offspring. The Chinese are the inventors of paper and they used to take thin strips of wet paper and place it over the nostrils of their newly born baby girls. This practice stopped with the spread of Islam in China. (Chinese currency is printed in Chinese and Arabic as Arabic is the holy language for Muslims, as fully one third of the Chinese population is Muslim). Chinese female infanticide was also stopped with the Christian powers occupying Hong Kong and Shanghai.

However, with the shirking off of basic morality there is retrogression towards modern paganism coming from both the Christian and the Muslim world.

This will agitate The Lord, God – Creator of the heavens and the earth and we can anticipate more confrontations between the descendants of Ishmael and the rest of the world - as punishment.

Jews have a stake in America not going pagan. We see what happened in Germany when the Germans threw off their religion in favor of Nazism or Communism.

From a Torah perspective it's important for Jews to do what they can to change the Democratic National Convention's stance to that of the Republican stance and to define marriage as between male and female.

Otherwise, same sex and incestuous marriages as well as other forbidden relationships will be legalized in the name of CIVIL RIGHTS.

While the individual has a right to choose between good and evil this doesn't include augmenting degeneration into a pagan nation.

CIVIL RIGHTS must be clothed by defining it legally in relation to racial, religious and ethnic groups that would outlaw the legalization of immorality.

While Jews traditionally vote Democratic and by the fact that the Republicans have a remarkable talent for messing up the economy, it's important for Jews to weigh the consequences and to realize the incongruity of being both Democratic and Jewish.

In these difficult times as a prelude to the coming of the Anointed One, The Messiah, its incumbent upon Jews everywhere not to emulate the practices of the gentile nations.


from the April 2012 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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