Why Peace will not come with Islam

            April/May 2012    
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Understanding Islam and its Goals

By Sanford Aranoff

We must understand the disease if we are to heal the patient. The disease of Arab anti-Semitism is not at all like Christian anti-Semitism. Zev Jabotinsky also failed to understand Muslims, when he wrote about the "iron wall". It is not that native people dislike newcomers, as the original Indians disliked the new Americans. The only correct way to understand Muslims is to read their holy writings.

We must understand that every Muslim accepts the Koran literally without the possibility of interpretation. Contrast this with Judaism. When the Hebrew Bible speaks about "eye for an eye", Jews accept the interpretation that this refers to requiring a monetary payment. Furthermore, while there are various branches of Judaism, all Muslims accept the Koran. In addition, there is no reality other than the Koran, implying the rejection of empirical evidence to the contrary.

The only way for Israel to have peace is for Israel to give all of the land of Israel, including Tel Aviv, to Muslim control. Israel must give all weapons to the Muslims, and allow them full control of the government. The Muslims will be generous and permit Jews to live peacefully if they accept second-class citizenship. This is the bottom line. They will not accept any compromise. They will fight to the death for this goal. They will lie to everyone in order to accomplish this goal. Read the clear Arabic in the Muslim holy writings!

The only solution is for Israel to understand this, and to remain in military control. Israel must not make the mistake of giving Gaza to the Muslims, vainly thinking this would bring peace. Israeli soldiers must patrol Arab regions, like Gaza, to prevent the firing of weapons.

What Israel must do is to educate their fellow Jews to this reality, and the American public.

We hear from American leaders that America is a friend of Israel. The fact is that hundreds of thousands of American citizens live in Israel, and so America is legally bound to defend Israel. American citizens do not live in Arab lands, except for a few tourists and embassy officials, which can easily be evacuated.

In Psychology 101, we learn how essential it is to accept reality. Israelis must accept this reality about Islam. Jews who understand this have the moral duty to educate other Jews and Americans. The Arabs do not want their own state. Anyone who says this is in denial of reality and dangerously influences policy.


from the April 2012 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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