The Chosen Fantastic People: a Poem

            June 2012    
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We Are The Minds Fantastic

By Michael Druck 2012

We are the minds fantastic.
The Chosen, the given are we
People of the holiest of mountains
where G-d's purpose made history.

We, the humble, the tender,
who departed to places unknown.
Blown by desert winds westward,
to a place we would all call home.

We, the souls everlasting
carried far with His glow.
Journeyed to a land ever promised;
a land we would love and would know.

We the people fantastic
are held strong by His words.
In He, Who gave us Torah,
with promise, determination and nerve.

Here are the lessons of freedom.
Here are the lessons of birth.
Here are the people, the Chosen.
Here to change the earth.

This the Torah fantastic.
These words from G-d,
moving us on the journey,
on a path we were chosen to trod.

To Israel, and its Wall in the city.
Houses, lofts and facades,
grand and holy entrances
belonging and chosen by G-d.

To those who ascend to its glory,
praise to your expanding soul.
To those who praise the Almighty,
belong as you were destined to unfold.

From the time we were give our freedom,
to this hour we are ever praised,
pausing, receiving, contemplating,
ascending, transcending, and raised.

Listen to those who are praised.
Listen to the sounds at the Wall.
Listen to all who are holy.
G-d will not let you fall.

Sway to prayers of your being,
bow to the songs of your heart.
Hold steady to the promise
that G-d planned to impart.

Praise to those who go forward,
stately, holy and proud,
hold high your Torah,
and sing His praises aloud.

We the people fantastic
are holy forever and proud.


from the June 2012 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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