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            August 2012    
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Among the Sages 

By Michael Druck 2012



To sit among the sages
and hear their every word,
and note an ecstasy
in the holiness overheard.

And know
you are where you keep yourself,
and G-d is eternal.


Keep words of Torah
and a need to memorize
things you have learned
and what you have applied.


G-d is an eternal thought
and it is He, Who loves you so
from well before the Sinai
and everywhere you go.


Sit among the sages
and drink in every word.

Always be careful
where you seat yourself.
and be where lessons
are well deserved.


His blessings are for the blessed.

His Torah for every Jew.

His teachings are for eternity,
but that you always knew.


Sit among the sages
and never count the cost.

Your soul is an eternal soul;
holy and never lost.


Holiness is not measured
by the length of a beard,
or how much you pray,
but by who it is you fear.
And by all and every mitzvah
and who you are to He,
Who watches your every move,
and your certain destiny.


Sit among the sages.

Hear only them.

Strive for goodness.

And stay away from sin.


And remember,
you are where you
keep yourself.


from the August 2012 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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