Kabbalistic Astrological Forecast for the New Jewish Year

            August/September 2012    
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Jewish Horoscope for the New Year 5773

By the Jmag Staff and Yaakov Kronenberg

It has been quite a long time since we have interviewed Yaakov Kronenberg, the famous Jerusalem astrologer and kabbalist. He has been busy studying, teaching and doing amazing horoscopes for people that it was hard to get him to grant us an interview. But we persisted and hopefully we will hear some astounding predictions for the next Jewish year.

Jmag: What do you see for the coming year that stands out?

Yaakov: I predicted about three or four years ago that there would be revolutions and political upheavals around the world. This was before the so called “Arab Spring”. This trend will continue for the next four years. Until time now it has been more connected with poor countries like the poor Arab countries, some small countries in Africa and now in Greece. But now it will begin to spread slowly to bigger countries that have bigger problems than these other countries. We might see changes in Spain, France and even in the United States, which has major problems. The chart for the USA in 2014 is very difficult and this indicates a total loss of focus and at this point, even I can not understand what this will bring other than a total identity crisis and loss of focus and national ego.

Three years ago Saturn, the planet of misfortune and obsticales, entered into Libra, the sign that rules marriage. Then I predicted that there would be a serious decline in marriage in the Western world and this seems to have panned out. Now in October 2012, Saturn changes signs; it leaves Libra and goes into Scorpio. There are several difference and significant changes that will come about from this change.

Firstly, Scorpio rules reproduction and this means that we are going to see significant problems coming because of the lack of new children coming into the world. Just like in medicine is genetic, in politics; everything has to do with demographics. A country that does not reproduce will see itself heading into serious decline. This is one reason that the first commandment is to be fruitful and multiply so that the world (or country) can expand and grow. If the opposite happens, that the child population is diminished, then the new generation can not support the elder generation. That is what we are seeing today in America as problems of the baby boomers who are leaving the work force and the generation x will not be able to keep the economy strong and at the same time provide needed social security payments. This is not only in America; it is very serious in other Western countries such as Britain, Germany, Japan and France.

The second problem that comes from the lack of reproduction is that the minority groups which traditionally reproduce at much higher rates than the native population plus immigration they move into a country and their social world view conflicts with that of the native country. In Britain and France, the Moslems have become a sizeable minority and their world view conflicts with that of the native inhabitants. This causes much social unrest since the native citizens feel that they are losing their country to the immigrants. These problems will cause new programs to bring awareness of the need for reproduction.

Scorpio also rules foreign trade so when Saturn is there, we will see trade warfare which can be devastating to world economies and world currencies. Each country wants to lower the value of their currency to increase their exports and bolster their economy. But when one country devaluates their currency, the other countries will devaluate their currency in order to compete. This leads to a very devastating cycle of currency devaluation. Steps should be taken to prevent this from happening and currently I do not see this happening, rather I see this beginning to happen.

Other things that we may see are new sexually transmitted diseases or awareness of them: epidemics of sexual disease that are floating around. This may have serious implications of the social fabric of countries.

Jmag: What do you see for Israel?

Yaakov: We say that Israel is above the constellations. Let us hope this is true. If there is to be an attack on Iran, it will come like an explosion. Whether it is soon or later or at all, it is hard to see. I personally think that they will do something, possibly a war in October. That seems the best time.

Yaakov is available for private consultations. He can be reached via email at jacob052@mail.com


from the August/September 2012 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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