What is the Real Cause of Hatred towards Jews?

            August/September 2012    
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What Hatred Of Jews Is Really All About: The Proven Cause

By Roger Bensman

We frequently hear of outbreaks of anti-Jewish episodes, attacks, propaganda in the media, the schools, the workplaces, in government, in business, non-governmental organizations, just about everywhere on this tired old planet. Since time immemorial, it seems, people have been presenting the grotesque canards, outright lies, written statements of easily disproven propaganda, falsifications of deeds attributed to the Jewish People and, by extension, the Nation of the Jewish People, Israel. All is JewHatred. A seemingly more civilized term is frequently employed: anti-semitism. That term, when traced historically, is a gross pejorative.

So, in this article, we will use JewHate. JewHate and IsraelHate are not two separate distinct phenomena; they are all encompassing under just the one word: JewHate. We have read many plaintive articles, mainly by Jewish writers, asking why are the Jews so hated and so universally and for so many centuries? All have some kind of opinion on that, especially the Haters. They have all the answers to that. Jewish scholars, on the other hand, have pointed to this or that activity or presence on the part of some Jewish community and say perhaps that is what is causing all of this. Somehow, we're bringing this on ourselves. Or, that they just don't know. JewHate has even been the subject of vast amounts of literature in the form of books, sermons, papers, speeches, media, recordings, so much as to fill the greatest libraries of the world. Lots of reasons and logical causes are presented. All in vain. So what is it, really, about the Jews that makes this People, of rather insignificant numbers on the world stage, the subject of such a vast, implacable, unending, and worldwide hatred?

The logical progression of all of this hatred over such lenthy periods, affecting billions of gentiles across the nations and across the millenia, has been savage unfounded discrimination, delegitimization, demonization, physical attacks, culminating in the the Shoah (Holocaust of the 1930s-1940s, the murder of 6 million Jews by Europeans). And it has only continued and virulently intensified to and far beyond any rational explanation most writers can conceive.

The magnitude of the phenomenon has baffled historians, scientists, serious researchers, journalists, theologians, psychiatrists, psychologists, hosts of others, including just ordinary Jews, for more than 2,000 years. Hatred of Jews is so widespread that it even exists in areas where are no Jews, such as the Ross Ice Shelf, Moslem and Christian countries where Jews have been banned for centuries. There are organizations, states, individuals who actually make a business out of spreading this hatred. There are plenty of those who actually spend precious funds to produce and disseminate this hatred. Quite simply stated, what we are dealing with here is a severe widespread obsession, at once on the individual and the group level as well. Nothing less. In as much as all of this voluminous hatred is directed solely against a single people and no other; against their small independent state; against their beliefs, institutions, religion, everything Jewish, and no other, one must again ask: WHY?

It turns out that there is a rigorous scientific basis for this irrational obsessional hatred and it was developed over a long period of time, culminating concretely and inarguably during the 20th Century, with major breakthroughs occurring during the 1970s and 1980s. The answers have been discovered and are quite incontrovertable. There have been many contributors working in very respected scientific, psychiatric, scholarly, and psychologic teams, particularly in America, composed of Christian as well as Jewish researchers.

The general conclusion is that JewHate is a contageous behavioral disturbance of the non-Jew(it includes, of course, certain Jews as well), but a sickness nonetheless. It is lethal, dangerous, irrational, and utterly without any foundation whatsoever. These findings, which will be amplified and commented upon in this article, some of the most significant of which, came to light during the past century. The findings and conclusions are all quite similar. The great conclusive breakthroughs were arrived at by many individuals and groups and can easily be found in libraries, university medical center archives, the Internet, associations, and related sources, papers, scholarly treatices, and documents therein presented. Key words on the Internet might be prejudice, antisemitism, irrational hatred, aberation, behavioral disturbance. A good place to start would be Wikipedia.

The verdict is in: JewHate is an affliction, a psycho pathological condition, a condition, not of the Jews but of the gentiles. Sickness drives all the lies, canards, fabrications, the endless unfounded accusations, the outrageous hate-filled vitriol, the fully unfounded statements of hatred so readily disproven which make no sense whatsoever, the faking of news accounts and photos of the present time against Jews and by extension the State of the Jews, Israel, the reinvention of history itself.

Criticism of individual Jews, Jewish communal organizations, Israel, can legitimately be made, of course. What takes constructive criticism to the level of over-the-top vitriolic behavioral disturbance is the making of Jews(wherever they live) into the sole objects of criticism, to the level of psycho-pathological obsession, to the exclusion of all others. Knowing this puts Jews in the position of dealing not with rational, logical, reasonable, thoughtful individuals, groups, governments, states, all of which have somehow arrived at truthful and substantiated conclusions, but rather in dealing with people who are, in fact, sick. Jews are dealing with mental patients.

JewHate has nothing whatever to do with what Jews say or don't say, do or don't do, whether in Israel or countries outside of Israel. It has solely to do with the driven perceptions of those afflicted with The Jew as an image. If there were no Jews in the world, there would still be JewHate. Why it is deemed contagious is that, since its origins in the first century of the Common Era to the present day, it has spread from person to person to groups across the centuries. It continues to the near total exclusion of really nasty OTHERS who are given passes by media, which has been proven by Bernard Goldberg in three best selling books, as having prevalent built-in far left wing bias and arrogance about it. It focuses just about solely on The Jew. That is what makes it a mental illness, whether of the individual or group. The hard right JewHaters are no different and no better. All have the sickness.

It has wreaked utter havoc upon not only live Jews but upon those who are afflicted: anyone who hates so intensely that it drives that person's life will suffer illness not only mental but physical. Add to that all the death and suffering on the part of gentiles warring against other gentiles while attacking The Jew: damage done over the millenia. And there is no cure for this. For Jews, the issue is to protect and defend against the disease in whatever ways there are that are effective and legal. And these measures are already in place and becoming much more proactive worldwide.

Jews are targets; however, they are becoming ever harder targets; and let it not be forgotten that within the past 60 years or so, the Jews residing within the State of Israel have developed the most powerful military force since Joshua and from scratch. It includes THE BOMB. Living Jews are no longer easy pickings for the JewHaters of this world. And that drives the afflicted ones into frenzies and paroxisms of hatred. Must be really hard for them to bear; one could almost feel sorry for the Haters.

Interesting sidebar: Russia with its bloody history of internal and external oppression, Turkey with its Ottoman Empire, Ruanda, Sierra Leon, Zimbabwe, Spain, the Catholic Church over the centuries, Germany, Japan, China with its Tienanman Square, the Arabs countries with their honor killings, treatment of women as less than human, beheadings, suicide bombers, funders of terrorism, proxies Hamas and Hezballah, just to name a few, with their gross histories of aggression, blood, guts, human rights suppression, and worse; to all these and still others, the Haters are silent. They have nothing to say. All of their aberational disturbance is directed solely at The Jew.

What follows are just some of the unfounded canards that can be found nearly anywhere and that date back 2000 years. 1. The early Christians who came to that religion from paganism put forth the rank lie that the Jews killed God/Christ. That one, repeated endlessly, stuck, and certainly is present to this day. This is amazing in the face of Holy Scriptures in the Christian Gospels wherein anyone can read that the death of Jesus was, according the those Scriptures, engineered by Jesus Himself with the Jewish self-government at the time, the Sanhedrin, pawns, along with the Romans. This was, in His words, the Way back to the Father, now that His work was done. He chose the Roman Crucifixion as His way to save and redeem.

We Jews are struck by this simple fact to the extent that we question the very basic knowledge of believing Christians and their familiarity with their own Bible. To be sure, there are lots of Christians who know better and there are many who understand that the notion that somehow the entire Jewish People killed their Savior doesn't square with Scriptural accounts as codified. It is what led directly to mass killings of Jews during the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Expulsions(Spain, for example), and the Shoah----the Holocaust.

This aberation is so pervasive that the afflicted British and German nations, locked in life and death struggle with each other during WWII, chose still to cooperate in destroying Jews to the extent that while the Germans fed Jews into the Ovens of Hate, the British sealed off the Mandate for the Jewish National Home with their infamous White Paper of 1939, locking into the Continent all but a pitiful few Jews who managed to get past the British naval blockade. Both nations stuck to the containment and slaughter to the bitter end in 1945. Just how sick is that? The Brits clung to their sick and pernicious policy until the Jews kicked them out of the Mandate and declared their own independent state. Naturally, the afflicted Arabs started the 1948 war against the Jews when they brought that state into existance

Nazi Germany wasted willingly their precious treasure of manpower, money, energy, rolling railroad car stock, moving Jews into the Death Camps even knowing that the Soviet Russians were right at the Oder River, invading the Fatherland! How sick is that? The killings, rapings, burnings, destruction of everything German that followed their defeat at the hands of the Russians is legendary. In their crazed minds, they figured it was more important to kill The Jew than to attempt to save their own people and nation from the Barbarians from the East! What collective perversions!

2. The Jews poisoned the wells during the period of the Bubonic Plague. Proven untrue but the illiterate mobs, inflamed by their clergy, fell upon the defenseless Jews, and killed, raped, burned, destroyed, and very nearly wiped out the last vestages of innocent ones in Europe. 3. For millenia, from the Doctors of the Church on through clerics over centuries, railings and rantings against The Jew became endemic to entire populations. Humiliation, injury, forced conversions, death came to the Jews by sick infuriated mobs over and over again: The Jews should all be enslaved; better they should be slaves of slaves! They kill Christian children, take their blood for Passover rituals! They hate God, are hated by God, are the sole enemy of Mankind, their god is money, and so on and so on. All proven false, but the lies go on and on.

4. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. This account, a best seller still, especially in European and Moslem countries, was produced by the Russian Secret Police in the early 20th Century and has been proven a forgery by many reputable scholars, both Christian and Jewish. It makes the most preposterous claims of a secret Jewish cabal which has planned since the beginning of time, to take over and subjugate the entire world. It is used as major propaganda by the afflicted ones over and over and over again. In more modern times, we have the demonizing of the Jewish Lobby, the Israel Lobby, the assertion that Jews control the American Government and its foreign policy. All easily proven to be canards. Further, even the Holocaust and the 9/11 tragedy are blamed on The Jew. Why not? The more extreme the false accusation, the better the Haters love it. Pat Buchanon once said that the U.S. Congress is Israeli Occupied Territory! What kind of perverted mind comes up with things like this? Abu Abbas holds a master's degree in Holocause Denial. Imagine that.

None can be proved; all can be disproven. The media loves it; the really dangerous enemies of the Jews, no matter how enormously vile their deeds and words, all get a pass----Haters giving Haters a pass, time and time again. The driving force of the Haters, their aiders, abettors and cheering sections: mental illness.

5. In more modern times, Jews of Israel are constantly attacked by persons, groups, governments, armies, militias, NGOs, in word and in deed. That nearly every wild accusation made by academics, college students, elected and appointed leaders, and self-loathing Jews, while defeated with facts, truths, evidentiary documentation, archival record, nonetheless, gets perpetuated through the world as if it were fact.

There was, for example, no genicide at Jennin. There have been no war crimes committed by members of the IDF or the Israel government. Al Dura comes to mind. A fake photo and fake documentary. All the bloodthirsty killing of Jews by Arabs over, say, the past 60 years warrants no media coverage and is in fact defended when pressed as the actions, not of killers of unarmed men, women, and children, but of legitimate resistance and the fight for some kind of freedom, a freedom which no Arabs have in the Middle East, except as citizens of the Jewish State, Israel. How ironic; how aberant is that?

Let's take just a moment to examine examine what large numbers of those afflicted with JewHate call THE PALESTINIANS, who are by their own statements, simply Arabs. This particular grouping of Arabs, indistinguishable from the broader Arab world, number some 4.5 million and are generally concentrated in three provences of ancient Israel: Judea, Samaria, Gaza, and Israel, with some in the eastern portion of Jerusalem, the great bulk of whom were trucked in by the British to build infrastructure in Egypt, the Mandate, and other nearby areas against the Germans during WWII.

As Joan Peters points out in her book,"Since Time Immemorial," it is the Jews, not the Arabs who have been in the Land since time immemorial, proven beyond any question or doubt. These Arabs are part of some 350 million Arabs in this world, representing, therefore, approximately 1.3% of all Arabs. The amount of attention, funding, protesting, media focus, U.N. resolutions, and world leadership support on behalf of this tiny number of Arabs is, again, way over the top and never addresses serious, really huge problems in the world. Billions of dollars are given to just these few people every year and they use the money to make war against The Jew, not just in Israel, but wherever The Jew can be found in this tired globe of ours.

These particular Arabs are the latest media darlings who can do no wrong. And just why is this? Quite simple, really. It is an established principle throughout history, that in order to satisfy irrational hatred toward The Jew, affected people pretend great concern toward the enemies of The Jew. Thus, we have the eternal 1.3% Arab refugee problem; the oppression, occupation, brutalization, suppression of THE PALESTINIANS. Everything they do against THE JEW is dismissed as resistance, claims of injustice, fighting for their freedom. That is why, worldwide, there is the pretense of great sympathy for THE PALESTINIAN and none for the innocents of Israel, bombarded by some 9,000 rockets, bombs, mortors, missiles over the past 9 years. This otherwise preposterous situation becomes clear in the light of the understanding that the attackers of The Jew are in fact sufferers of a serious contageous mental behavioral disturbance. It really explains everything.

We hear lots about ENDING THE OCCUPATION which will bring about peace and two states, Arab and Jew, living side by side in peace. This can now be seen as just another canard attack by those afflicted with JewHate. A quick check into the history of the occupation shows that from 1948 to 1967, the Arabs did, in fact, occupy the lands of Judea, Samaria, Gaza, and a portion of eastern Jerusalem(one can include Golan). The Arab governments of Egypt and TransJordan(now Jordan) saw fit to NOT establish a state for the stateless Arabs. Not only that, but they formed a group in 1964 called the Palestine Liberation Organization to be their surrogate to fight the Jews, no grassroots group, that. To add insult to injury to themselves, they launched an unprovoked war of aggression in 1967 from these very same land areas. History shows they lost and lost big, the lands of Gaza, Samaria, Judea, Golan, and a portion of eastern Jerusalem falling into hands of the Jews who counterattacked in self-defence and won and won big.

The lands now belong to the Jews of Israel, are not and never were Palestinian lands upon which these Arabs state, with straight faces, that they want to get these lands back so they can build a state(read---terrorist base). So this is simply one more ploy, a piece of propaganda, a not-so-subtle attack upon the Jews of Israel. These Arabs acknowledge this. That is why the Gazan, Judean, and Samarian lands are autonomous not sovereign to the Arabs. This autonomy was granted by the Jews of Israel who have every right to do that or to not do it. When an attacked people happen to counterattack and win, the land belongs to them to do with as they see fit.

This drives the afflicted of this world crazy and one can see why, in light of the fact that all this is driven by disease, not some odd cause of justice from the point of view of the afflicted. But the lies, fabrications, propaganda, fake protests, teary sympathies, distortions of provable fact, suppression of truth, convening of emergency NGO and international court sessions about the accusations of crimes of humanity the Jews committed all go on against The Jew. All those suffering from disturbance, from the media, academia, governments, NGOs, and just about everyone, go berserk when the Jews anywhere in the world, including Israel, successfully defend themselves. One sees and hears it on a daily basis how they just hate it when The Jew survives, prospers, stands up and wins.

To conclude this section, note that since 1929(as good a starting point as any) with an Arab massacre of the Jews in pre-Israel, through 1936(the Arab revolt with its resultant killing of Jews----again), on to 1948, this time with six Arab armies launching and losing that war against the Jews, the Sinai Campaign of '56 to stop Arabs coming across the new Israel border and killing Jews, the War of Attrition of '69,'70, the Six-Day War of June, 1967, the October Yom Kippur War of 1973(surprise!), the first and second Lebanon wars of '82 and 2006(to stop crossborder raids by Arabs), the Hamas/Gaza war of 2008(to attempt to stop incessant rocket attacks from Gaza), not to mention the two intafadas along the way(this in the face of peace offerings by Israel).

All of this has been cheered on by the cheerleaders of the gentile and Jewish Left, the Arabs, the Christians, the Moslems, just about everybody worldwide, a steady drumbeat of verbal and visual hatred, punctuated by wars against this small state of Jews, about the size of the state of New Jersey. Over the top doesn't describe it by half. Only the fact that all this manifest hatred is driven by contageous mental behavioral disturbance does. And it really explains it all. All the rest of the oppressed, poor, dispossessed, driven from their lands, starving, suppressed of the world with real life and death issues, go largely ignored. All largesse is centered on the enemy of The Jew. It is really all very sad; sad, indeed.

The scientific research discovery that JewHate is a unique contageous behavioral disturbance of the many also clarifies why no success has been achieved through Church condemnations of JewHate following WWII (Vatican I, II), interfaith education, and even various governmental statutes outlawing the phenomenon. The Haters really cannot help themselves. Such psychopathology is essentially unstoppable even though utterly without any evidentiary foundation whatsoever. It is rampant everywhere, especially in U.S. academia where the indulgence is defended on false and abused grounds of academic freedom, suppressing all differing points of view. This, in colleges and universities where freedom of ideas, speech, and expression are(or used to be) the highest goals of the higher educational system. No more.

Now we see Anti-Israel Hate Weeks during which lies, deceits, fabrications, distortions reign supreme, and intimidations of Jewish students, faculty, and/or anyone of any faith holding pro-Jewish positions are verbally and physically attacked by students and professors. The disease is out of control; and make no mistake, this is a disease. There is no legitimate Arab cause----only JewHatred. Finally, there is no difference between JewHate of The Jew and the State of The Jew, Israel; all one and the same.

So, the disease has no cure, and Jews, individually and collectively(including Israel) have very little or nothing at all to do with it, aside from presenting visible targets to the deranged. While there have been many explanations, theories, ideas regarding the causes of JewHate, none thus far presented suffice. It is only in the light of personal and collective mental behavioral disturbance that this phenomenon becomes clear. People hold prejudices, unfounded hatreds, psychologically distorted thought processes, and delusional visions, aberations, and prejudices which they acquire, in the case of JewHate, from one to another, from group to group, learning processes in lectures, sermons, teachings, preachings, books, media, word of mouth; this over centuries and across the globe. And that is the true cause of JewHate.

Conclusions. The Jews of America began the march to equality over 100 years ago, mainly through the court system, to attain their rights, constitutional, educational, political, employment, housing, social. We have fought, won, and continue to stand our ground against the obstacles set up by the irrational haters. JewHate in America has been consistantly measured as between 10%-20% of the population.

As previously stated, the battle now goes to the colleges and universities; and that is already a work in progress. These institutions, the professors, instructors, administrators, will shortly be finding themselves embroiled in an increasing number of endless lawsuits, other legal actions, investigations, and political skirmishes, as data gathered is transformed nationally, college by college, university by university, into the courtrooms of America and the political system. Not only are higher education jobs at stake; so is federal and state funding. So it is really up to the institutions to either continue along the paths of intimidation of opposing free speech and actual academic freedom or fix it.

The adult Jewish community stands with our students and their faculty. It is all up to the institutions and the people abusing them. That die has already been cast. As for the Jews living in the Jewish State of Israel, it is known or certainly should be known by now, that this particular grouping of Jews possess the 4th or 5th most powerful military in the world. That said, let it be further noted that, much as successive governments there have stated that their country would not be the first to introduce nuclear weapons into the Middle East, it has been widely reported(Jane's, for example) that Israel has accomplished a smaller version of the American strategy of 1st and 2nd Strike Capability. The world leaders should think hard on this: Iran, to the delight of the world's afflicted cheerleaders, succeeds in putting together some kind of nuclear weapon. That country's leaders have repeated relentlessly that they intend to use that weapon to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth. We Jews learned from history, the Nazis, the Inquisition revilers, the Crusaders, the Doctors of the Church, and countless others over time, to heed the declarations of the madmen.

Attacked first, Israel attacks back; a nuclear exchange. It may be that neither country will survive, in as much as Israel, with nothing further to lose, will most certainly unleash ALL of its nuclear arsenal on Iran; other countries may be on the hit list as well. No matter. As any respected Meterologist will explain, the wind currents of the globe will spread the resultant deadly radioactivity across the world or at least a very large part of it. It goes without saying that millions or even billions will die and very unpleasantly. While it was only a movie, "On The Beach," featured just such a nuclear exchange. It occurred in the Northern Hemisphere between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, was limited, but, in the end, the lights went out all over the world and so did Humankind. If this sounds unrealistic, it would be best for all to reconsider. Or, the IDF and IAF pre-emptively launches a series of attacks against Iran with conventional weaponry, setting that country's nuclear aspirations back into the Stone Age. The Jews of Israel will simply not allow a 2nd Holocaust, of that, all can be well assured.

In the light of the foregoing, since the price is high and going ever higher, why not simply ignore the Jews, let them live their lives like most of the rest of the world's people? It would really be so much better for everyone, especially the sufferers of the Contageous Mental Behavioral Disturbance of JewHate?


from the August/September 2012 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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