God of creation, hear my prayer.

            August/September 2012    
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God of Creation

By Sheila Friedman Rubin

Creator of all, hear me

Hear my words of praise

I am in awe of Your handiwork

I love Your quiet, secret places

Your streams of sparkling water

Your brooks that splash and babble

The warble of all variety of birds

Hues distinct against the forest green

Here a jewel, a flower stem

Lifts its budding head toward the sun

Creatures small and furry, scurry home

Where families await Your bounty

Creator, Your gifts are many

With appreciation I thank You

And praise Your creative hand

A myriad of sensations

So beautiful for sight and sound

Each glimpse a surprise

I rejoice in this diversity

And praise Your wondrous artistic touch

God of creation, hear my prayer.


from the August/September 2012 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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