Can We Trust the Islamic Mind?

            April 2013    
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Truth, Justice and the Islamic Way

By N. Shuldig

Islamic law exists to serve the interests of the Muslim community and of Islam. Therefore,] to save Muslim lives and for the sake of Islam's survival it is obligatory to lie, it is obligatory to drink wine [if necessary].

- Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, in a speech addressing Revolutionary Guard commanders and others, July 31, 1981. For the text of the speech, see Khomeini, Sahifeh-ye Nour,vol. 15 (Tehran: Entesharat-e vezarat-e farhang va ershad-e eslami, 1378), p. 107.

Does the end justify the means or should the means be in according to the end?

We Jews tend to believe that we must act in accordance to a prescribed standard of behavior as we struggle to achieve our goals. Although we are building our own land, our own country, we feel that it must be done in a legal manner. Much of the land of Israel has been purchased by philanthropists and other portions by the Jewish agency. It is not our style to lie, cheat or steal to acquire land.

As a matter of fact, Jews disdain falsification and deceit. A person who is found to lie or cheat to acquire wealth is looked down upon. Various other cultures have different values as to whether the ends (acquiring wealth, land or fame) will justify the means of acquiring them (honest hard work or stealing).

The prevalent opinion in the Western world is that achieving a goal does not justify all types of means. Cheating is frowned upon for achieving a goal; like taking dope to win a sporting event or murder to attain wealth, such means are rejected by most Western societies. Likewise is the lie; falsification of information to achieve a goal is considered incorrect by most sections of Western society.

The Western society, however, seems to think that this value is universally accepted around the world. It is inconceivable to the Western mind that a public figure would tell lies to advance his agenda. This concept is extrapolated to include not just persons of the same society, but also from societies around the world.

Here in lies a big problem in the Western world. The Western mind believes that the Islamic mentality is similar to theirs; that the Muslims also find falsification disgusting. But this is a total misunderstanding of Islam.

Islam is a religion of force. Islam believes that the end (Islamic world domination) justifies the means (force, lies, terror, etc). Not only do they believe that it is permitted to lie to achieve a goal, but that a person who can achieve a goal by lying is considered a person of praise worthy abilities.

For this reason the Muslim world will employ falsification of events to achieve their goals. Their goal is in the short term to get the world to side with them, that Israel is the aggressor, the Arabs are treated as second class citizens, and in the long term goal is to take over the land of Israel and make the Jews once again second class citizens, dihimis.

The world press seems to be falling into the hands of the Islamic liars by giving them equal say in reporting the news. This type of reporting, where the reporter does not thoroughly investigate but relies on eye witness who may or may not be reliable give Islam the advantage.

Can we seriously believe Iran's supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei when he declares that he has banned nuclear weapon production in Iran? Can we not realize that lying for Islam is virtuous?



from the April 2013 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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