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            July 2013    
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Bad News for the Jewish Magazine

By Eliezer Cohen

It was a bad Shabbat for the Jewish Magazine. On Saturday, June 29th, while all of Jerusalem was resting and enjoying their Shabbat day, our offices were broken into and all of our equipment, with the exception of our printer, was stolen. In addition to our laptops with all of our correspondence, passwords and information that pertains to making, maintaining and putting up the Jewish Magazine on the web, our back up drive was stolen. Unfortunately much personal effects were also looted.

The police were called and reports and investigations were made. The police feel that the thieves knew what they were after and the thieves left no finger prints or identifiable marks. Although the police would not say so in words, we were left with the opinion that we will never see our equipment again.

I was shocked and distressed to see our total assets disappear into nothingness, but had to borrow a laptop from a friend that night to work hard to remember our accounts and change passwords before the thieves had a chance to totally ruin us. I was up until 3:30 in the morning making changes and securing what could be secured and hoping that we remember every password and account.

It took us a few days to asses our damages and needs before we could recover from the shock of losing everything. After a few days we were able to borrow another computer on which we could just begin to install programs that are needed for working and creating our magazine. Our ability to continue the Jewish Magazine has been severely hampered; several programs need to be acquired as much equipment. With this in mind we are turning to you, our loyal readers, and asking if you are able to help us in our time of need to purchase new computers and needed peripheral wares. We must, in addition, add burglar warning devices which will protect us against another attack; this is an additional expense that makes it very expensive for us to continue.

If you read the Jewish Magazine regularly, you will be aware that we produce the magazine on a very small budget and there really is not much of a profit in what we do; it is a product of love.

Any donation will aid us in our goal to replace our stolen computers, misc. software and peripheral equipment like back ups etc. We would be much indebted to you if you could aid us in continuing our uninterrupted online presence which has continued without a break for the past sixteen years. We were almost ready with our High Holyday issue, but beyond that we are going to need some hefty help.

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from the July 2013 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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