Jewish Astrological Horoscope for 2014

            December 2013    
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Jewish Horoscope for the New Year 2014

By the Jmag Staff and Yaakov Kronenberg

It has been quite a while since we had an opportunity to visit with our favorite cabbalist and astrologer. Yaakov Kronenberg has been busy for the last several months working out charts and giving guidance and advice based on the Jewish horoscope system. Yaakov has now a web site; he welcomes you to visit him there and ask him a few personal questions.

We asked him to take off some time from his busy schedule of teaching kabbalah by day and charting the stars by night to give us some insights into what will be in store for us in the next coming year, 2014.

Jmag: So Yaakov, we see from all of the charts that you have pulled out on your desk that something must be brewing in the world. What do you see for the world in 2014?

Yaakov: If people think that the world will get calmer in the coming year, they are going to be sadly mistaken. I had predicted four years ago that when Uranus, the planet of revolution, would go into Aries, which is the sign of war, that there would be revolutions in countries and wars between countries for eight years. So far four years have passed and now the second part is beginning which will be more unnerving in terms of changes in the world order.

This coming May will present a very rare aspect in the sky: a grand square (or cross) of four planets, Jupiter will be in Cancer, Mars in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus still in Aries all at eleven degrees. Now what is important to note here is that all of these four planets indicate violence.

Mars and Pluto are violent by nature. Uranus is in the sign of war - that is Aries. Jupiter increases the emphasis of everything, bringing out the warlike nature of the planets. So during this period of time there is going to be increases in warfare in the world and increases in natural disasters since all of these planets are pushing one against the other for dominance.

These signs will affect the countries where these signs are strong. For example, Iran is an Aries rising country and also Syria and Egypt are connected with Aries. I sincerely doubt if Iran is going to enter into a peaceful phase.

America, too, is going to feel severe reproductions since they will be hit hard by these transits in the sky especially on the American economic system where the inequalities are growing at a tremendous rate and could cause animosity between different segments of American society. Some people are becoming very wealthy and many more are becoming very poor.

Europe is going to be a very interesting entity. They have a problem with population control. On one hand the white native European population is in decline since Saturn went into Scorpio two years ago which shows a serious decrease in birth rates, as I predicted then. On the other hand there is a tremendous influx of foreigners immigrating into Europe, especially immigrants from the Arab countries who have a totally different set of values. This is causing much unrest and will present itself as a time bomb unless this problem is dealt with.

Now in Europe they are making laws to increase the native birth rate by giving tax and monetary incentives to have more children. It is interesting to note that only Israel is going against the trend: where we see the Finance Minister is cutting down as much monetary incentives for having children. Next year in Europe, Saturn will be moving into the sign of Sagittarius, the sign that rules religion which might well begin a repression against religion. This might be the beginning of a trend of banning religious actions such as dress code and external manifestations of religion. We have seen that they are trying to ban Kosher slaughter and Jewish circumcision. This repression of religion is really not directed against the Jews as much as against the Moslem immigrants. But it is possible that this trend could spread to America too.

Therefore we can see more repression against the 'orthodox' religions meaning also the church and Christianity, Islam and also Judaism but the new age type of belief systems will be lifted up and become more accepted. It seems that instead of political ideological clashes, we will be seeing more civil and social culture resistance against organized religion and the various groups clashing between their religious neighbors. This is going to be acerbated by the rising unemployment rates.

Jmag: What do you see for Israel in the coming future?

Yaakov: I don't see much change coming up. The status quo will most likely remain. No war but no peace. All the countries around us have so many problems that they are not free to start a war and the Palestinians don't have the heart for another fight right now. They are beginning to recover from the last Intifada and are beginning to enjoy life; they really don't want to be locked up in their own territory again.

Africa is an interesting continent to begin to pay attention to. Their star is beginning its ascendency and many people see it as a potential Asia since there is much undeveloped land and there is much possibility for investments there now especially East Africa which is less developed than Western Africa.

It is interesting to note that this coming summer Jupiter is moving into Leo; Jupiter is the planet of expansion and Leo is the sign of gold. So we might very well see a new gold rally.

We bid Yaakov a hearty farewell until our next meeting with him and look forward to seeing the outcome of his predictions.

Disclaimer: All information in this article if for entertainment purposes only. Neither the Jewish Magazine nor Yaakov Kronenberg accepts responsibility for what is stated here.


from the December 2013 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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