How to Raise Happy Children and Avoid the Pitfalls

            January 2014    
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Five Secrets for Raising Healthy and Happy Children

By Arthur Rosen

Every parent wants his/her children to be happy, healthy and successful children. Many parents succeed but unfortunately there are also many parents who do not succeed and are not happy with the way their children turn out. Who can young parents turn to for good advice? There are so many people willing to give guidance how can you tell who to listen to and who to ignore?

There is no measuring stick like success. See what type of children a prospective mentor has. Do you want children like theirs? If you do then it is a good indication that this person will be a good mentor for you, but if this person's children are not what you want your children to be like, then stay away.

I have raised ten children all of whom are all happy, healthy and successful and content both with their spouses and with their social and work lives. And in addition there is a plus; the plus: they all love and respect me.

What did I do that was different than that of my lesser successful friends and relatives?

I will give you five important pointers that I followed in raising children.

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from the January 2014 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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