Comparing the Story of Joseph to Jews in America Today

            January 2014    
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Joseph in America

By Nachum Mohl

Let us fast forward.

We Jews have been in exile for some two thousand years. We have witnessed a most horrific and terrible holocaust in which elderly Jews, babies and mothers were tortured to the delight of their Nazi capturers. The European Jewish communities were decimated to the point of non-existence.

The American Jewish community which was unscathed by the holocaust began to thrive and grow rich. A wealth came to America and also to the American Jews like that that no Jew in Europe had experienced in two thousand years. Wealth, honor, easy living and solid educational opportunities enabled the Jews to achieve heights in American society that no other country had allowed Jews to reach.

It was the American Jews through their financial support of the young country of Israel that enabled it to get up on its feet and become a first class country. Today Israel is the pride of all Jews world wide, a country that has a first class educational system, a first class economy and has given the world advance in medicine and sciences.

Now what is the message here?

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from the January 2014 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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