Comparing the Story of Joseph to Jews in America Today

            January 2014    
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Joseph in America

By Nachum Mohl

Now the problem and the comparison:

Does this not parallel the story of Joseph?

Joseph was sent to Egypt to provide for the family which he did. The American Jews were successful in business and helped financially to provide and create the state of Israel. Joseph did not foresee the eventual slavery that befell his greater family and the subsequent suffering that they endured before the great exodus.

Just like Joseph did not see (or reveal) the slavery and suffering that would be endured and the Jews of those time just enjoyed the wealth and status that they had with out realizing that part of G-d's plan was something else.

Could it be that now that the economy is swinging away from America, that hard times are coming. Times like America has never seen may be coming. Foreign countries that have no love of America are amassing America's dollar; they are buying up American businesses and property. What will be the future of America and the American Jews who remain?

Will they end in some form of financial slavery to foreign governments who control the world economy? Will it be too late for the Jewish Americans who relish their economic comfort to come to Israel to make a new start?

I, obviously, am not a prophet but I have seen how the tiny state of Israel has constantly grown financially and economically to become a most beautiful and wonderful place to live inspire of our Arab enemies who wish only to destroy us.

I do believe that it is G-d's will that we Jews come back to the land of our forefathers and hat the nations who treated us so unjustly be made to pay for their sins. Perhaps this is the time of the righteous messiah who will lead us to the final redemption.


from the January 2014 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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