The Letter From America That Changed Our Lives

            January 2014    
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My Rendezvous with Destiny

By David Edelman

"What is this?" I asked.

"Read it" she said.

So I opened the letter and it said that we are invited to come to Holyoke, Massachusetts, and that this congregation would be honored to sponsor me and my family, and help us settle in America.

"This is a bit unusual" commented Amy. "Ordinarily we first find a suitable community for a family, and then send them there. In this case it is the other way around".

"How do they know about us?" I wondered aloud "And why us?"

"Well, it's simple. They offered to sponsor a family, and we sent them three names. They chose you. Why I don't know." She smiled encouragingly. "Take a couple of days, think about it and let me know."

I nodded in agreement . "By the way" I asked "Where is Holyoke, can we see it on the map?"

"It's not on the map, it's a small town not far from Boston."

With that we went back home, and for the next 24 hours tried to collect some information about the place. But not much was forthcoming. How are you suppose to make a life changing decision without any knowledge? We didn't know Holyoke from Timbuktu, or Boston from Cleveland. But what does it matter, we decided in the end. What's important is that we are wanted there, that for whatever reason they asked for us specifically, by name. It has to count for something.

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from the January 2014 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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