How Can We Relate to God?

            January 2014    
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Three Different Relationships that a Jew has with God

By Avi Lazerson

Most people generally think that there exists God and there exists also man; therefore there also exists a relationship between the two. That thought is generally correct but superficial. For those who have come to that realization that a relationship does exist between man and God yet many do not necessarily take the concept one step deeper.

Relationships have multifaceted aspects to them. As an example the relationship between a husband and wife there exists the physical relationship between the two, the emotional connection, the financial connection etc. A relationship between the parent and child also is multifaceted too. There exists the provider aspect, the family support system aspect, the guidance councilor aspect, etc.

The relationship between a Jew and God also is a multifaceted relationship. What are the various modes that we use (or should use) in our relationship to God?

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from the January 2014 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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