How Can We Relate to God?

            January 2014    
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Three Different Relationships that a Jew has with God

By Avi Lazerson


In reality we are also the servants of God. Like a earthly king (back in the old days) had many servants and slaves who attended to the kings needs, so we Jews are considered the servants of God.

What is our work? We have the mitzvoth to attend to, this is the desire of God that a Jew does this or that. But like a servant has a special access to the king that the average people of the kingdom do not, we Jews can utilize our special relationship as servants of God to ask him for our personal needs. But this access has a prerequisite.

Like a king who realizes that his servant is a loyal subject he will respond to the servants pleas in a special manner. But is the person is not a loyal servant he must be careful since a disloyal servant can not expect that his king will be willing to grant him much. He may even incur a punishment.

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from the January 2014 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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