How Can We Relate to God?

            January 2014    
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Three Different Relationships that a Jew has with God

By Avi Lazerson


Jews are also ministers of God; by ministers the meaning is that like a king has a minister of education, a minister of defense, and minister of finances, etc. The minister is the interface between the king and the people. It is the minister who must interact with the common people to bring the king's necessary goals to fruition.

Similarly, we Jews are God's ministers; it is the Jew who must go out in public as a representative of God. It is through the minister (the Jew) that the common folk grasp some understanding of what God is like.

A minister is given a nice residence, a good salary and is expected to dress and act in a very honorable manner. Since he is a representative of the king he is given honor by the common people.

However being a minister has important responsibilities and ramifications. If a common business man is dishonest or corrupt it can be dismissed as a poor trait for a business man to possess. But if a minister is dishonest or corrupt it is a bad reflection on the king! A minister who brings down the respect that people have for a king is doing a major crime and could be removed from his post or even executed! In Hebrew it is call a 'chillul haShem' and is one of the most severe transgressions.


The relationship that a Jew enjoys with God is not a simple relationship but has many facets, each facet making the relationship and bond closer and tighter. It is on a Jew to realize his relationships to G-d and make use of it to his (and God's) benefit.


from the January 2014 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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