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By Henry Fox

We (A song to G-d)

I am part of you,
You are part of me,
together a union, We.

Together we are one,
Without each other,
We are no one.

We are united,
Our hearts not divided,
No tragedy can destroy
Our ceaseless harmonic joy.

Heaven is you,
Utopia is me,
Together forever,

Under G-d

People are we who cannot see
The blameless union, or
The best nominee.

People are we who cannot see
A world without wars, or
Fairness for all creeds.

People are we who cannot see
Freedom from serfdom, or
Unity through diversity.

People are we who ought to see that
We united fall together Under G-d.

Universal Prayer

May no person believe that he or she owns oneself.
May no person feel that one owns the soil beneath
his/her feet.
May no person think one's worth is less than unique.
May no person forget that one is fallible.
May no person neglect his duty to honor others.
May no person honor vanity over humility.
May no person always be for oneself.
May no person deceive others.
May no person love war.
May no person worship greed.

May every person sponsor family.
May every person foster friendship.
May every person follow the footsteps of the
May every person learn from any human or experience.
May every person escape evil thoughts or actions.
May every person eat, drink, and sleep comfortably.
May every person ponder for oneself.
May every person forgive another for a
May every person be happy with the quality or quantity
of one's things.
May every person abolish hate.

Tomorrow Night

Purim is a party,
Hanukkah is happy,
Tubishvat is terrific,
Yom Kippur is horiffic,
Pesach deals with blight, but
Shabbat is the best delight, and
It begins tomorrow night.

Childhood Past

I remember fond memories of yesterday.
Our fun in the park,
We frolicked and played.
A game of bow and arrow, how we missed the mark.
Me in my castle and you as the queen,
Toy cars flew by our faces, and
We swam in the ravine.

Remember eating Oreo cookies with cream?
And when we were bored,
We'd sit down and dream.
We'd bike by the seaboard
And go fishing at noon.
We'd go hopscotching past our folks
And wished we could sit on the moon.

Now here's the unfortunate fact,
We no longer have time to frolick and play, yet
I'll always remember fond memories of yesterday.

Avraham Fox is a student studying in Jerusalem. He has published essays in the Madison Capital Times and the Oshkosh Northwestern, and writes periodically as a guest columnist for the Daily Cardinal.


from the May 2000 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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