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The Angels of Love, Life and Hope

By Benjamin Raymond

When we are born,

G-d sends His angels to go and visit us.


As they stand near us, our eyelids lie closed.

When our mother holds us in her arms,

The supernatural beings sit and smile.

For they can see what will be ahead of us in our lives.

They see the adversity but they only notice the happiness and triumph.


The angels think for a moment and then

The angel of Hope says to the baby:

You will need to work hard in the many years ahead.

Your dreams will not be easily achieved,

Your goals will not be effortlessly reached.

There will be tears shed in tough times

But there will also be tears when there is joy.

Do not be afraid of achieving

And do not let fear pull you down.


On some days when you are growing up,

You will feel as though you do not want to carry on.

But these days will not last long

For darkness only appears until the light returns.

On those days you will need to work extra hard

And smile even if there is no reason to smile

For society appreciates people more when they have a happy face.


Then the angel of Life says:

Days may go as fast as the speed of light

But may also go as slow as a snail trying to reach its far away destination.

You must learn to love both these days.

The progressive ones and the rapid ones,

For the slow days are the ones on which you will grow and learn

And on fast days you will enjoy life but you will not spiritually gain anything.


Then the angel of love says:

You will inevitably fall in love,

And sometimes there will be rainbows beneath the valleys

And other times there will be storms below the clouds.

There will be times when you agree with your partner,

But also times when you will disagree.

Cherish both of these times as they both assist in the cycle of love.


You will meet people like and unlike yourself.

You will laugh with them and cry with them, too.

Time will seem to go quickly when spent with them.

These people will care for you and love you.

Always remember that the sun will rise at dawn,

That each day is a new day

And that as long as the sun wakes you up in the morning,

you must continue to have faith and hope.


And with that last thought,

The angels wave goodbye

And disappear into the thin air

And the baby opens its eyelids

Ready to begin its life long journey



Listen, Feel and Look

By Benjamin Raymond



Listen to the crashing of the waves,

The waves that crash against the soft flat sand.

Listen, and you will hear Him.



Listen to the trees that sway,

The trees that sway from the incredible force of the wind.

Listen, and you will hear Him.



Listen to the silence,

The silence which surrounds us.

Listen, and you will hear Him.



Listen to the soft whispers,

The whispers that one overhears.

Listen, and you will hear Him.



Feel the warmth of the sun.

The sun's rays that warm and relax us.

Feel, and you will feel Him.



Feel the intensity of inspiration,

The inspiration that motivates us to do well.

Feel, and you will feel Him.



Feel a mother's love for her baby child.

The love that is more powerful than life itself.

Feel, and you will feel him.



Look at the brilliant colours of the rainbow,

The rainbow which reminds us of Him.

Look, and you will see Him.



Look at the puffy white clouds,

The clouds that give us needed rain.

Look, and you will see Him.


Listen, feel and look and you will hear, feel and see Him


from the January 2001 Edition Jewish Magazine




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