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Terrorism and Terror


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The Limits to Unthinkability

By Steven Plaut

President Bush has stated unequivocably that everyone must decide whether they are in favor of terrorism or against it.

Words well spoken. The only problem is that the US Administration and the US State Department are unequivocably in FAVOR of it. Despite the events in New York and Washington, Powell and the State Department continue to support Palestinian terrorism. At the same time that they are calling for a worldwide jihad against terrorism, they are continuing to pressure Israel to surrender to Palestinian terror.

The USA continues to demand that Israel respond to all Palestinian atrocities with restraint and appeasements and concessions. They demand that Sharon allow Peres to go and meet with the Palestinian Arch-terrorist, Arafat, despite the continuation of daily PLO atrocities. Their attitude continues to be that PLO atrocities are minor nuisances that should not count and should not stand in the way of Israel making further appeasements. Tell that to the children of the Jewish mothers murdered by the Fatah this week.

It seems there are limits to unthinkability. Yes it is unthinkable for the US to hold talks with or make concessions to bin Laden. But at the same time the US and the rest of the West insist that it is unthinkable for Israel to respond to PLO atrocities in any manner other than making concessions. Certainly self-defense and military action by Israel is completely out of the question. Israeli behavior must be restricted to Quakerism. The only way Israel should be permitted to deal with PLO atrocities is through holding talks, through granting the PLO lands and funds, removing Israeli settlements, and ending the nonexistent Israeli "occupation" of Palestinians, liberating "Palestinian lands".

The BBC for its part did not miss a beat after the attacks on the US and continues to conduct its campaign against Israeli existence under the guise of news reporting. (I am on record for calling on Israel to expell all BBC staff from the country.)

Every 15 minutes or so the BBC reminds everyone that the only reason Moslems hate the US and the only reason the US was targeted by terrorists is because the US has "failed to end Israeli occupation of Palestinians". And yes of course the anti-US terrorism is simply a response to Israeli "brutality" in dealing with the Palestinians. Never mind that the Palestinians have conducted a campaign of atrocities against Jews for 100 years and the Jews have never conducted a campaign of atrocities against Arab civilians, save a few reprisal raids in 1948-49, or that Arabs are treated by Israel with the least amount of brutality of any place in the entire Middle East.

Strangely, when the IRA left a bomb next to BBC headquarters a few months back, the BBC commentators did not describe the bombers as activists struggling against occupation of their lands.

Bush has to decide whether he wishes to launch a war against terrorism or merely a war against Afghanistan. If he wishes a war against terrorism, then the first thing he must do is shift US policy entirely with regard to the PLO. The PLO must be annihilated together with bin Laden. The Palestinian bin Laden with the hair on his face must be dealt with the same way as the Saudi bin Laden. Terror must be exterminated, not appeased. It is time that Bush and the Yanks listen to their own words.


from the October 2001 Edition of the Jewish Magazine




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