Was Oslo a Political Idea or a Cult?


Was Oslo a Political Idea or a Cult?


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The Oslo Cult

By Steven Plaut

How do we know that "Oslo" is a religious cult and not a political school of ideology?

The answer is - from the way it was implemented.

Had Oslo been merely a foolish school of political ideology based on total misunderstanding of the Middle East conflict, it would not have produced the total disaster and debacle that it has. It would have been halted and reversed in its earliest stages, before there was any serious damage.

Suppose in the year 1992, the Israeli Labor Party and its fellow travelers were serious about implementing Oslo as an attempt to produce a peaceful settlement to the Arab-Israeli conflict. What would it have done?

The answer is - that "Oslo" would have been slowly and cautiously implemented in small stages, where each stage would be tested thoroughly before proceeding to the next. The implementers would gauge each stage by the degree of cooperation from and by the behavior of the PLO. Only if the PLO were in full compliance and fully cooperating would the implementers have moved to the next stage. They would have made sure each testing stage was long enough for the public to be convinced that the "process" was working and was really producing peaceful relations and lowered tensions.

A rational Israeli "peace camp" might have turned Gaza City only to the PLO for a year or so, while insisting that the PLO's "police" and "security forces" there be totally unarmed, like London bobbies, and while insisting Arafat stay in Tunis throughout the first stage, just giving his people orders. The condition for moving on to any further stage might have been the extradition of all Hamas and Jihad terrorists to Israel as required under the first Oslo Accord, and the maintenance of total tranquility not only in Gaza but in all Palestinian towns everywhere.

If the Palestinians so much as threw rocks at a passing Israeli car or police van, the deal would be off. No further territory would be turned over and evacuated by the IDF unless the PLO were preaching nonviolence ten times a day,

And where:     the PLO schools were filled with texts about Israel's right to exist, publicly and openly endorsed by all PLO officials everywhere, in Arabic.

And where:     the old Gaza City synagogue was renewed and returned to the Jews,

Where:     PLO officials greeted visiting Jewish worshippers there on each sabbath.

Where:     PLO spokesmen everywhere - especially in the UN and on CNN - agreed that violence was a dead end, that Israel had the MORAL right to exist,

Where:     Jewish civilians were welcome to live in peace alongside Palestinians everywhere.

A rational Israeli Left would have insisted that the Jewish settlers and settlements are Israel's mine canary. If the Palestinians demonize and attack them, then this proves that the Palestinians are not interested in peace, and so Israel would reconquer Gaza City and expel the PLO. If the settlers were welcomed by Palestinian officials with garlands and loaves of kosher challah bread, Israel would consider moving to a second, third and fourth Oslo stage. The PLO would remain completely unarmed until the tenth stage or so. If they needed muscle to suppress the Hamas, they could call in the Israel Defense Forces.

Why was not Oslo implemented in that way? Because Shimon Peres and the Israeli Lemming Left insisted there was absolutely no reason for caution and testing. For them, Oslo was a cult and not an idea. People becoming newly Orthodox generally do not test the religious waters with their pinkies and enter the pool one inch at a time - they DIVE in. And that is what the Oslo Cultists insisted.

Peres explicitly ruled out any need for testing PLO intentions because he and his co-religionist were so convinced that Arafat and the PLO wanted nothing but Benelux style relations that they saw no reason for delay. They wanted instant gratification. Like a frustrated teenager on prom night.

Israeli politicians by definition know everything. There is no reason for them to deliberate or listen to criticism or doubts. They never read and do not need to entertain other opinions. They have no patience for intellectuals, most of whom are leftist anyway, and see no reason why they should ever stop mouthing and just sit and listen. People who are always correct have no reason for caution, for testing. Israeli politicians do not come from academia and seldom speak with any academic types, other than leftist amen-sayers. That is why they have no notion of testing ideas and hypotheses, subjecting ideas to testing periods and experiments. They have no interest in experiments that can possibly prove them wrong.

In short, political ideology for the Israeli Left is not hypotheses and ideas but rather cult-religion.

And that is why Oslo was implemented with no testing and no caution. Arafat was installed in the "territories" all at once. His legions of stormtroopers were imported all at once. They were granted tens of thousands of Israeli arms all at once. Arafat was granted legitimacy by Israel all at once.

Peres wanted Israel behind its Green Line as fast as possible and a Palestinian State declared, preferably all at once. Israeli concessions were never conditioned on a single test of compliance by Arafat and the PLO. Indeed the PLO has yet to comply with even a single plank of the 1993 first Oslo Accord. Ten years later, the PLO is still demanding unlimited Israeli capitulations in order to agree to the same ceasefire it committed to in 1993.

And when all this instantaneous implementation of Oslo went afoul, when it became obvious to all terrestrians that the PLO was seeking war and not peace, Peres and his flock in the Israeli Left dismissed the doubts. They insisted there was no need for the PLO to comply with anything. True believers in cults do not expect their beliefs to be instantly rewarded with favors from their gods. They persevere on, all on the basis of faith alone. SO was the case with the Oslo Cult. Peres and the Left insisted that Oslo be fully implemented because it was the sacred thing to do, not because it was actually working. It was irrelevant whether it was "working".

And the result of this was to take the Israel of 1992, with assorted problems but with unassailable security and a military that gave the Arab fascists heebie-jeebies, with a healthy economy, a rapidly growing Jewish population and a flowering culture, and to turn all of this into the 2002 Shadow of the Valley of Death.

Where:     the dominant national trait of the Israeli elites is treason and self-hatred, where the Left is struggling to castrate the military and foment mutiny.

Where:     civilians are afraid to leave their homes.

Where:     the nation is filled with parentless infants and Oslo widows.

Where:     the West Bank is a huge terrorist base for launching mass murderers and where the Gaza Strip is a large mortar factory.

Where:     Hizbollah terrorism escalates by the day.

Where:     the Europeans denounce Israel as a nation of war criminals and more openly by the day endorse genocide of Israelis.

Where:     the Americans do everything in their power to prevent Israel from defending its children from the Nazis.

Where:     Israeli Arabs march about openly with Hamas banners and portraits of the heads of the Hizbollah and scream for Israel's destruction.

Where:     the "peace partners" praise Hitler and claim Jews murder gentile children to make matzos for Passover.

Where:     Shimon Peres is the Number Two person in the Sharon government.


from the April 2002 Edition of the Jewish Magazine




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