Israel's Sick-O Contest Entry Form


Hey gang! Israel is Havin’ a Big Contest!

Fabulous Prizes for Everyone!


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It’s Fun and Easy and Anyone Can Win!

Just Guess The Answers to These Simple Questions. Submit your Answers On-Line

Hurry! Join the excitement!! Top prize is an all expense paid trip accompanying Foreign Minister Peres to next year’s meeting of the International Socialist Convention in beautiful Geneva, Switzerland!
Four second prizes of all expenses paid trips to explore employment possibilities in beautiful Los Angeles, California!

Get your entries in now.
Contest ends immediately after the next terrorist attack.
New contest begins immediately after that.
No purchase necessary.
Sorry, employees of Peace Now, Gush Shalom, and The CNN are not eligible.

1) When will the next Arab terrorist attack take place?
A) This week
B) Next week
C) Today
D) Tomorrow
E) Next month

2) How many Jews will die?
A) Five
B) Ten
C) Fifteen
D) Twenty
E) More

3) Prime Minister Sharon’s reaction will be:
A) Utter outrage
B) Call an urgent cabinet meeting
C) Round up the usual suspects
D) Deliver an absolutely socko eulogy
E) Eat two pints of Haagen Dazs

4) The IDF’s reaction will be :
A) Blow up a bicycle repair shop in Gaza
B) Blow up two bicycle repair shops in Gaza
C) Beat their swords into plowshares
D) Withdraw to the ’67 borders
E) Withdraw to the ’48 borders

5) The Knesset’s reaction will be:
A) Aw, not another one
B) The NRP and Shas threaten to resign
C) Vote unanimously to give themselves a raise
D) Can’t field a quorum
E) What was that bang?

6) The Israeli people’s reaction will be:
A) Getting on with life
B) A renewed sense of urgent resignation
C) A marked increase in pizza deliveries
D) Seven angry letters to the editor of Ma’ariv
E) Huge rally to protest higher cell phone rates

Blessed are You, G-d, who gives Your People Israel a mighty arm and the will to use it.

Be strong! Be strong! And be stronger!

from Dovid Ben Chaim


from the September 2002 Edition of the Jewish Magazine




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