Where is the Logic??


Where is the Logic??


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The World Upside Down

Alexander Kimel

This world is upside down. Imagine 260 million Arabs are trying to obliterate the small State of Israel and Israel is perceived as the aggressor. Where is the logic?

In 1948, at the time of creation of Israel, the Middle East contained 80 million Arabs and only 800,000 Jews. Eighty million Arabs declared war on Israel because they could not stomach the presence of a small state with different people and a diversified culture. Today Israel and Zionism are equated with racism. Where is the logic?

Over fifty years the Arab world is trying to push Israel into the sea, and Israel is branded as the aggressor. Today in the Middle East there are 260 million Arabs and 5 million Israelis and the world believes that 260 million of Arabs are victimized by 5 million Israelis. Where is the logic?

Today in the Middle East there are a dozen of theocratic, autocratic and tyrannical Moslem states and only one democratic State of Israel. Somehow the world believes that the small democratic state is the sole obstacle to peace in the Middle East and a danger to world peace. Where is the logic?

The Palestinians introduced world wide terror by hijacking planes, killing Olympic athletes, murdering scores of schoolchildren, suicide bombings designed for mass killings. The Al Qaeda introduced the killings and maiming in the name of God. All those actions undermine the basis of any civilization and still the Left, with the self declared conscience of humanity, supports the Palestinian violence and put the blame on the Jews. Where is the logic?

I believe that there is a logical explanation for this outrageous behavior. Two thousand years of Demonization of the Jews by the teaching of the Churches, developed a widespread subconscious anti-Jewish bias. Like the Devil the Jews are perceived as powerful, wicked, able and manipulating. This archetype notion of Jews makes any nonsense believable, and the world pays a steep price for this. It was anti-Semitism that allowed Hitler to start the WW2, causing widespread blood and destruction.

Today anti-Semitism is promoting world wide terror that causes insecurity, bloodshed and wide economic dislocations. I believe that it is our obligation to preach a Gospel understanding and acceptance. We are all children of the same Creator. It is time for the world to wake up and get wise before it is too late.


from the March 2003 Edition of the Jewish Magazine



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