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Jewish Humor

from our Readers

The Ultimate Barbie

      The last time I was I New York, my daughter requested that I bring back a Barbi doll. So I stopped in a toy store in the Jewish area and started looking around.

      "How much is this Barbie doll set?"

      "$19.95." the Jewish merchant answered.

      "How much is the set here, Barbie at the beach?"

      "Also $19.95."

      I eyed another set, "how much is Barbie in the discotecque?"

      "Also $19.95."

      "And this one here, Barbie at home?"

      "Also $19.95."

      "Well, what about this one, Barbie goes shopping?"

      "Also $19.95."

      "O.K., how about this, Barbie gets married?"

      "Also $19.95."

      "And this, Barbie plays tennis?"

      "Also $19.95."

      "What about this one. Barbie get a Bat Mitzvah?"

      "Also $19.95."

      I eyed the last one and hoping for a lower price asked, "How much is this, Barbie gets a divorce?"

      "Ah, dots $199.95!"

      "Wow, why so much?"

      "Vell, dot comes vit Kenís car, Kenís wardrobe, Kenís house, und, Kenís benk account!"

The Jewish Rowing Team

      In a Jewish College, the sports department decided to start a rowing team. However as luck would be they lost every contest. After suffering defeat after defeat, the coach decided to try some smarts. He called upon one of his crew members and gave him the assignment to check out the best teams, to see what is their secret of success.

      After checking out the Yale and Harvard rowing teams, the Jewish crew member returned to his coach.

      "Well, did you see anything that they do that is different then what we do?"

      "Yes," was the reply, "They do the opposite of us. They only have one guy barking out the commands and eight guys rowing!"




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