Putting an End to a Terrorist


Putting an End to a Terrorist


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What to Do About Arafat: Three Alternatives

By Prof. Paul Eidelberg

The First Alternative: To begin to restore the sense of justice in Israel, Yasser Arafat should, if possible, be taken captive and tried as a war criminal.

Making public the evidence of Arafat’s phased strategy for the destruction of Israel, his complicity in the murder of Jews and Americans, his use of American and European financial aid for private and terrorist purposes, his connections with Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda, will be the most effective “hasbara” for Israel and the entire democratic world.

The Second Alternative: If Arafat cannot be taken captive, he should be executed. His execution should be followed by a televised address by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Mr. Sharon should vividly portray the crimes of Yasser Arafat and how the elimination of this arch-murderer is consistent with international law as well as with the war against global terrorism.

The demise of Arafat will destabilize the PLO-Palestinian Authority and facilitate its disintegration. Arafat’s removal should be followed by the elimination of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Tanzim, and the entire terrorist network in Gaza and in Judea and Samaria.

But now, let’s get serious. Remember, we’re in a black hole called the “State of Israel,” from which no light is about to emerge under its present leadership.

The Third Alternative: Expel Arafat—unsurprisingly, the official position of Israel’s government. Let’s examine it.

Suppose the expelled Arafat were allowed to adopt the United States as his domicile. Can you imagine how many television moguls and mandarins would compete for his appearance? Can you imagine the scope of his lecture circuit in colleges and universities, especially those where gays and lesbians flourish? Think of the full-page ads announcing his forthcoming presence at Harvard or Yale or Berkeley. Think of how many curious nitwits and nihilists will flock to his performances!

Even if this kleptocratic arch-murderer and did not have five billion bucks stashed away in Swiss Banks, within a few months in the American El Dorado he would become a multi-millionaire, winning converts to his cause.

Yes, go ahead, Mr. Sharon, expel the “irrelevant” Yasser Arafat. A thousand mosques in the United States will vie for his presence. What a financial bonanza! Countless Muslims will flock to his banner. He will lead a million believers to march on Washington in a demonstration calling for the establishment of a Palestinian state and the return of four million Muslims to “Palestine.”

Think of all the American leftists and bleeding heart liberals who will lionize this villain. He will embrace Barbara Streisand to prove he is not a Jew-hater. How delicious!

Don’t be surprised if this Nobel Peace Laureate receives honorary degrees at various universities (after he establishes five-million dollar “chairs” on international terrorism. A bevy of American Middle East specialists will jump on his bandwagon and defend his homicidal cause. Yes, he will make his mark as well as a fortune in the United States of America—where entertainment is all.

So go ahead, Mr. Sharon, and expel this villain. And do not concern yourself about Israel’s further degradation, since you and people of your ilk have already made the State of Israel a black hole.


from the October 2003 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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