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The End of the Exile,
the Beginning of the Redemption

By Garth Endenberg

We happen to be living at a very special time. For two thousand years, our ancestors dreamed of coming to the land of Israel. Even if they could not live in the Land of Israel, they longed even just to visit.

Through out the pogroms of Europe, the Golden Age of the Arab culture, we Jews lived through it all. We asked ourselves, when will it end.

We know that the Talmud explicitly tells us that the world was created for six thousand years and that after this time, we would come into the time of the Messiah. We are now living in theJewish year 5764 from the Creation, that means that the sixth millennium will soon (236 more years!) end.

Yet we have history to be our witness. For over two thousand years there was no fertile life in the Land of Israel. Yes, various peoples came here and like the Bedouins, moved on to better land.

About one hundred years ago something changed. At the same time that the Jews began to become Eretz Israel conscious, a new "wind" and spirit came into the world. The Turks were a mighty nation that controlled the Middle East. Their despotic rulers governed our lands ruthlessly. They took what they wanted and did what they wanted and called that justice.

However, when G-d deemed it time for the Jews to begin their long return to their ancient land, the Turks refused to allow us back into our land. What did G-d do? He looked for some one else to rule our land who would be more beneficial.

The British, who promised the Jews, not just what we call Israel, but a greater Israel, extending into what is today Jordan were chosen. This was the Balfour declaration in which the British pronounced to the world that they intended to give the Land of Israel back to the Jews.

G-d had grace upon them. They won the First World War and the Turks were defeated. The British replaced the Turks as the administrators of the Land. At first, the British began to build up the land, but soon they decided that they preferred to help the enemies of G-d's chosen people. They began to discriminate against the Jews in Israel and began to limit immigration, which was against the will of G-d. They cut down the size of the land which was to be given to the Jews.

What happened then?

World War II came and they suffered severely. Immediately after the war, they had to leave the Holy Land because of the disturbances from this oppressed people whom G-d promised to their ancestors this Land. G-d shrank the British Empire to a second-class world power.

Who came in to help the Jews? Well next in line were the Americans. They were our friends after the British left. However in the last ten years, instead of helping the Jewish state they began to impose their perverted ideas on how we should live. We had to "compromise" with the Arabs killers, while the Arabs did not have to compromise with us.

What did G-d do? He brought them problems. Just like the Americans tried to force the Israelis to compromise their security and give from their hard earned land to the terrorist, so G-d seems to be doing to the Americans. America made a big mistake, not just going into Iraq to bring them "democracy" (and take a little oil) but to go against G-d's plan to return his children to their land.

Had America had the intelligence, they would have realized that the time has come. G-d wants his children to return to live in His Holy land. Here in this land, we see the miracles openly as if it were pointed out to us. Yet the Americans are blind. They view the world as their game.

We shall soon see, that the Americans will realize that compromise with terrorist is not peace. It is a pity that they must learn like this.


from the November 2003 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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